Silly Sunday: The Wuthering Heights of Comedy

Heyo! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday! As part of my most exciting, very definitively serious competition between the Brontë sisters, I have dedicated Sundays to funny comics related to the book of the week.

This week, a book that could use some humor… Wuthering Heights. LET’S DO THIS!

First up, the obligatory text message version of the novel:

Literary classics by text message:


And now… for the star of our show: Hark, A Vagrant does Wuthering Heights!

Awesome comic chronicling the messed up relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff:

Ahh, "Wuthering Heights!" That dark tale of gypsy boys and the girls who love them. Kate Beaton is my hero, btw:

If you enjoy history and classic literature and you've never read this comic, YOU SHOULD.:

Wuthering Heights pt 4:

Wuthering Heights pt 5:

(There’s more, but you can go find it. Consider this a cliffhanger!)

Also… my biggest takeaway from the entire novel, in comic form:

He seriously needed prozac.:

OK. I’ll be back next week with The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which is much better when Helen isn’t going on and on about God. I had to get through that part the other day and it dropped the score a few points. Then I remembered the whole point was to make the whole idea of changing someone through your love and purity and shit really stupid, and I gave Anne her points back.

I feel like Chris Hardwick.



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