Silly Sunday: It Is Sunday, Right?

Hello fellow nerds and cacti! So, I think everyone’s noticed that our regular posts have become a little irregular, but we want you to know that we’re here and we haven’t forgotten you!

C’s explanation was right on target: we’re in a transition. Personally, I’m going through 3 or 4 life transitions as I get in the habit of working regularly, keeping a reasonably clean house, caring for a dog-child, and balancing my personal creative pursuits.

Thankfully, the living room is more or less complete, so that’s one less thing. Of course, we still plan to buy a NEW couch, but that probably won’t be until next year. I mean, you can’t even get a decent chair for $5,000, so what’s a couch going to cost???

Anyway, seeing as C and I both had the impulse to get in touch with our readers on this subject, it looks like our “bestie brain” is still active. And that gives me all the confidence I need to know we’ll find ways to pursue all of our projects.



Obviously, We’re Dealing With Technical Difficulties

Sorry guys. I apologize for not writing. Nerd Cactus is going through a process right now, transitioning to a relationship where we don’t get to see each other more than a couple times a year. Without regular communication, our ability to get work done is obviously… not as good as we thought. Now, C, you might be saying… there’s things like e-mail and facetime and stuff like that, but… it’s April, and I still haven’t sent her her Christmas present, so you can see how effective that is for me.

So, yeah, this is definitely my fault. I’m basically crap with technology, and I do my best work in person. Well, no… I do work just fine over the internet if that’s how the relationship started, but I don’t transition well into new circumstances. It’s a fault of mine; the way my brain is wired is a bit wonky.

That being said, we’re not giving up. Killing Mercutio is finished, and it’s as good as it’s going to get without a professional editor, and we’ve got a whole list of agents to query. Whether any of our future projects get done will depend a lot on if we’re able to make this transition. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff we want to do; stuff I don’t plan to give up on. It just might take a while.

Damn adulthood. Seriously.