Shakespeare Saturday: With A Little Help From My Friends!

Heyo! Sorry it’s a bit late, but I was actually pretty stumped for this week’s piece of Shakespeare jollity. Even after a month off, I was totally unprepared to jump back into the world of Willy Shakes, which is weird because I’ve talked about him a lot lately…

Then again, I’m always talking about Shakespeare, so maybe that’s why I never have anything to write for this blog. I talk it all out, y’know?

But… just when I thought I needed to give up and call this week a loss, my friend comes through! Her eldest sent it to her, she passed it on to me, and the fun of Shakespeare continues unabated (except for, you know, the whole month of December, basically).

For those of you super into math, we’ve got you covered today, too!

So, without further ado:

The Shakespeare 4-part Venn Diagram!

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What is apparent to me is that there’s an opening to write the story where the ghost drives Claudius to suicide rather than getting Hamlet involved. Or the show Supernatural done Shakespeare-style (but, like, before the weird Angel war and whatnot).

Let’s do it, internet!



Silly Sunday: The Reality of Daylight Savings

Hello again, friends! Welcome to Silly Sunday! 

Today’s silliness stems from my continued frustration with the absolute stupidity that is daylight savings time. If you’re in an area that participates in this social experiment, – that’s gone on for waaaay too long, in my opinion – you surely know that I’m talking about. 

Sure, it was nice on that one Monday when it felt like we all got a magical extra hour of sleep, but that was a lie. Now, it becomes pitch black rounding the corner of four o’clock and I never know what time it is. Like, seriously, I’ve gone to bed past midnight every night this week. I usually make my way to bed around 10! It’s nonsense.

Also, hi hello, uh, daylight savings time causes brain damage?? Why am I not surprised?

So, yeah. Today’s silliness comes to us from our friends on imgur. And it’s silly because it’s. Just. So. True.


See you next time!


Silly Sunday: Writing Funnies

Heylos! Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday. I seem to have been correct about the new show getting in the way of A writing yesterday, but I also didn’t want to write anything. Laziness, how thou art wonderful sometimes. To be fair, I was exhausted. I hadn’t slept the night before, so it wasn’t just laziness.

So. In Killing Mercutio news, we’re at 14 rejections/no-replies (which mean rejections). There’s three more approaching the “if you haven’t heard from us by this time, it’s a no” stage, so… pretty much seventeen. Our next batch is full of projects like ours (and Gregory Maguire’s agent), so we’re hoping third time’s the charm. Honestly, seventeen isn’t that many. If we get up into the 50-60 range, I’ll start getting concerned, but for now? No. Seventeen is nothing.

For today, writing funnies!

Okay, so I always have this idea for a really epic fight but whenever I try to write it, it just come out extremely badly written.:


I do this aaaaallll the tiiiimmmmeee. I just  enjoy reading my writing so much that I need it. Also, I forget what I wrote 20 minutes ago, so refresh:


Oh but what is right often feels like betrayal.:


I think we've all had a moment like this...:


And… a not-so-funny because inspiration:

writing images | How a dead dude helped me rediscover my drive to write | Going For ...:

OK. We’ll be back tomorrow with a Muse!


Silly Sunday: I’m Screaming

Happy Sunday, everybody! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday. If you tuned in yesterday you’ll have read C’s analysis of what probably happened to Boozy Books. She was exactly correct on all counts. I indulged in wine and some Hamilton talk and proceeded to get my relaxation and sleepytime on because rehearsal has been exhausting. But I’m here today with an outrageously funny video that a cast member shared with me. It had me in tears and I must have watched it at least five times so I think it’s safe to say that it qualifies as a very silly addition to Silly Sunday. Enjoy!



Shakespeare Saturday: The Power of Friendship

OK, slightly mawkish title aside, I would like to thank my friends (and family) for today’s Shakespeare Saturday. It seems have become the person people think of when it comes to fun Shakespeare jokes. Which is totally fine by me because you know I love Shakespeare jokes!

First up, though, a bit of exciting Nerd Cactus news! The Third Annual Super Bestie Good Time Vacay to the Stratford Festival is officially ON! Tickets, both of the flight and of the theater variety, are purchased, we’re staying with the most amazing Theater Grandma ever (though we’ve never told her this as we figure that might be a tad creepy to say to your B&B host, no matter how much you love her) again (and, knowing her, in the same exact room overlooking the river!), and all that remains is to rent a car before we go. So, in exactly four months, we’ll be eyebrow deep in theater!

Take it away, Colbert and Kermit:


Now, for those of us who have been here since the beginning (or at least since last year), you know what this means! It means you’re going to be treated to an entire month devoted to the Shakespeare we’ll be seeing up there. And, because there’s only three Shakespeare plays, there’s a decent chance you’ll get some Molière, too. That’ll be during the month of August as we lead up to our vacation, so be prepared to talk about Timon of AthensTwelfth Night (one of my absolute favorites), and Romeo and Juliet.

Oh, you guys just know we’ll have some stuff to say about Romeo and Juliet. We re-wrote it to fix all the things we hated about it, after all.

So… thus ends the exciting Nerd Cactus news! (No updates on Killing Mercutio, though. We’re getting ready to do another round of agent queries. If that doesn’t work out, we’re probably going to go looking into indie stuff. Neither A nor I am prepared to handle all the work of self-publishing. The horror.) On to funny things!

I’d like to thank my favorite chipmunk (@chipmunkofpower) for this first thing. I’d also like to thank her for assuming I’d know most of the jokes because I’m so into Shakespeare, I see everything!

Thank you, internet, for being so funny.

Next is courtesy of my mom!


And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got this gem. Just… see for yourself. (Courtesy of @DKTaylorWriter.)


Anyway. That’s it from me this week. Apologies on behalf of A. She definitely forgot Monday was Monday, but as for yesterday, I have a feeling her dad tried to steal her wine and then started talking about seeing Hamilton the other day, and she got distracted. It’s totally OK. Hamilton is important. As is wine. Also… rehearsals just started for her, so she’s tired.

She should be back tomorrow for some silly to make up for it, though!


Silly Sunday: The Wuthering Heights of Comedy

Heyo! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday! As part of my most exciting, very definitively serious competition between the Brontë sisters, I have dedicated Sundays to funny comics related to the book of the week.

This week, a book that could use some humor… Wuthering Heights. LET’S DO THIS!

First up, the obligatory text message version of the novel:

Literary classics by text message:


And now… for the star of our show: Hark, A Vagrant does Wuthering Heights!

Awesome comic chronicling the messed up relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff:

Ahh, "Wuthering Heights!" That dark tale of gypsy boys and the girls who love them. Kate Beaton is my hero, btw:

If you enjoy history and classic literature and you've never read this comic, YOU SHOULD.:

Wuthering Heights pt 4:

Wuthering Heights pt 5:

(There’s more, but you can go find it. Consider this a cliffhanger!)

Also… my biggest takeaway from the entire novel, in comic form:

He seriously needed prozac.:

OK. I’ll be back next week with The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which is much better when Helen isn’t going on and on about God. I had to get through that part the other day and it dropped the score a few points. Then I remembered the whole point was to make the whole idea of changing someone through your love and purity and shit really stupid, and I gave Anne her points back.

I feel like Chris Hardwick.


Silly Sunday: Zombie Jesus Day!

Hi everybody! I hope everyone had a splendid zombie Jesus day, filled with chocolate bunnies and painted eggs and probably lamb. I never understood the whole lamb on Easter thing, tbh. I get that it’s probably related to the whole lamb of God thing, but then… You wouldn’t eat the lamb of God, would you? Is that the point? I don’t know. I just know I get to eat chocolate and hard-boiled eggs all day and I’m totally cool with it.

And now… Please laugh at the process of how Easter eggs are made.


Silly Sunday: Silly Jane Eyre!

Heeeeyo, readers! Welcome to today’s edition of Silly Sunday!

As you know, I am in the midst of an epic Brontë-off. Three sisters enter! One sister leaves… knowing she’s the best writer of the three in the opinion of one random woman on the internet!

So, we’ve got Charlotte, the bitch! (If you don’t know why I’m calling her that, this week’s Monday Muse and Boozy Books explain very handily why I do not like this woman.) Emily, the fierce one who writes what I’m hoping is actually an over-the-top satire of obsessive romances! (Please God, let this be the case! If we’re meant to read Wuthering Heights as a straight romance… *shudder*) And we’ve got Anne, the one Charlotte fucked over because Anne made fun of her and Emily’s romantic hero! (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall does a great job of revealing the truth of Byronic heroes.)

This week, I am re-reading Jane Eyre. And also watching an adaptation (’06 to be precise). I’d already paired it, so I just shared the pairing again. Today, let’s have some silly Jane Eyre comics!


First up, a super romantic Rochester!



The version I hope one day to write wherein Jane actually leaves Rochester and stays away because he’s a lying asshole:

Texts From Jane Eyre. Lol! I wish the St. John texts were on here too.

Taking the moment to tell you this one and the first one are from Kate Beaton’s Hark, A Vagrant. This one is even a copy from the actual book. Buy the book from her. Do it. The one above came from Vox.

A scanned Jane Eyre comic from Kate Beaton's Hark a Vagrant! 3 of 4


And, finally, for those of you not interested in reading the book at all, here is Lisa Brown’s three panel review!

JANE EYRE by Charlotte Brönte.

That’s it for me today! I’m on Shakespeare next week, but I’m back the following with Wuthering Heights. Good, news, Hark, a Vagrant covers that one, too.