Silly Sunday: Moving Furniture

Happy Sunday, friends! Sorry for the silence, but life has taken a hectic turn as of late. Among other things, I’m currently in the midst of “redecorating” my living room. It’s not nearly as fun as I thought it would be because a lot of the look and style is for business purposes. My SO is building out his home studio so we are working on finding a compromise between professional and “I actually live here.” It’s going well.

I don’t have a silly fact or tidbit or clip today, but I do have the story of four people trying to move a couch. I was one of those four people, and this story took place this very afternoon…

Allow me to supply you with a little backstory: The couch my SO and I inherited mere months ago has disintegrated. (Real leather my ass.) Because we don’t currently have room in our budget to buy a brand-new couch, we have pursued other methods. Namely, asking friends and family for hand-me-downs. (Which is how we got our last two couches.)

It just so happens that my SO’s brother has had a couch in storage for the last two or three years and we’re welcome to have it. Hooray!

Apparently it has minor dings from previous moving expeditions and a few scratches from the cat, but it’s in good condition. Also, there seems to have been a jalapeno popper incident, but we don’t need to worry about that. Cool. Free couch. Whatever.

Well, today was the day that we said goodbye to yet another couch that proved to be less trouble than it was worth and hauled this sucker in. It took my SO, his brother and father, and myself to finagle this thing into the house and along the way, we managed to rip up half a tree, break our screen door, and destroy the underside of the couch itself. But still, free couch.

Cut to a few hours later. We’ve cleaned our new used couch with leather cleaner and car interior cleaner and other cleaning chemicals, leaving the couch looking quite nice actually; not at all as though it’s been sitting in a glorified garage for the last few years.

So, we’ve rearranged the room and we’re ready to relax. We take a seat on the new old couch and we sink, and I do mean sink, to the floor. Some couches are soft and smushy, but something is very wrong.

After flipping the sofa on its side, we discover that the frame is broken and corroded… Oh, we also find a dead lizard and half of what I can only assume was once a jalapeno popper.

I think the moral of the story is this: there is no such thing as a used couch in good condition.

Also, anyone trying to get rid of a couch?



Shakespeare Saturday: With A Little Help From My Friends!

Heyo! Sorry it’s a bit late, but I was actually pretty stumped for this week’s piece of Shakespeare jollity. Even after a month off, I was totally unprepared to jump back into the world of Willy Shakes, which is weird because I’ve talked about him a lot lately…

Then again, I’m always talking about Shakespeare, so maybe that’s why I never have anything to write for this blog. I talk it all out, y’know?

But… just when I thought I needed to give up and call this week a loss, my friend comes through! Her eldest sent it to her, she passed it on to me, and the fun of Shakespeare continues unabated (except for, you know, the whole month of December, basically).

For those of you super into math, we’ve got you covered today, too!

So, without further ado:

The Shakespeare 4-part Venn Diagram!

No automatic alt text available.


What is apparent to me is that there’s an opening to write the story where the ghost drives Claudius to suicide rather than getting Hamlet involved. Or the show Supernatural done Shakespeare-style (but, like, before the weird Angel war and whatnot).

Let’s do it, internet!


Silly Sunday: The Reality of Daylight Savings

Hello again, friends! Welcome to Silly Sunday! 

Today’s silliness stems from my continued frustration with the absolute stupidity that is daylight savings time. If you’re in an area that participates in this social experiment, – that’s gone on for waaaay too long, in my opinion – you surely know that I’m talking about. 

Sure, it was nice on that one Monday when it felt like we all got a magical extra hour of sleep, but that was a lie. Now, it becomes pitch black rounding the corner of four o’clock and I never know what time it is. Like, seriously, I’ve gone to bed past midnight every night this week. I usually make my way to bed around 10! It’s nonsense.

Also, hi hello, uh, daylight savings time causes brain damage?? Why am I not surprised?

So, yeah. Today’s silliness comes to us from our friends on imgur. And it’s silly because it’s. Just. So. True.


See you next time!


Silly Sunday: Holiday Gift Alert

Hello, friends! It is time for Silly Sunday… with a twist! Today’s post isn’t silly so much as amazing (and also a bit of a PSA for everybody scrambling for the perfect gift this holiday season).

I have already asked “Santa” for one of these delights, because this product is just so adorable and fun and perfect. Gather ’round, fellow tea drinkers and bibliophiles, this is for you.

Ok, enough build up. Are you ready for my pick for “hot holiday item” of 2017?


Noveltea tins.

Click the link.

Click it!

These beautiful and “punny” tea tins are literally everything I never knew I wanted. Unfortunately, the one I really really wanted (Pride and Peppermint) is out of stock, but I exchanged a few emails with the team to learn that it should be back by December/January.

Also, although the company’s Kickstarter fundraiser is over, they are planning an event on Backerkit (which is apparently a post-Kickstarter store to help meet stretch goals).

Their designs are positively gorgeous, and I highly recommend you check out their Instagram, which features terrific pictures of the tin designs for “Pippi Oolongstocking”, “Anise in Wonderland”, and “Pekoe Pan.”*

*Note: None of these are currently available on their website because they are the products of their last Kickstarter push. I’m assuming they will appear on Backerkit, but, if not, I certainly hope to see them in the online store soon.

I’m. Obsessed.

So happy holiday shopping, cacti friends! And remember, it’s always a good day to treat yo’self.


Silly Sunday: Late Victorian Screw-Ups

OK, hi! Hello! Ciao! Merhaba! More hellos.

So, today is Sunday. That means it’s time for something silly. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of silly in my feed, so…

How about a cool history lesson?

I don’t know if you know this, but the Victorian’s had some weird ideas about behavior. Some people wouldn’t even say the word trousers, preferring to call them the “southern necessity”. And Victorian men found table legs so provocative, they covered them all the time. It was a weird time.

Don’t mess up. Read this: Victorian Etiquette Screw-Ups.


Silly Sunday: The Week My Job Got Hard

Hey, guys! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday.

Do you guys know how hard it is to find jokes about Timon of Athens? It’s really difficult. But I managed to find a couple. Well, mostly… I managed to find an image where Timon of Athens is Timon from The Lion King, which is really all I wanted. I’ve been making that joke all week, and I’m glad the internet has come through for me. Thank you, internet. I love you.

Related image


Image result for timon of athens funny

The only thing I want now is for someone to find a still from a production of Timon of Athens (bonus points for this year’s Stratford production) and replace Timon with a cartoon meerkat. Please. My birthday is coming up. I’d really appreciate it.

Now. Lest we forget how much we love Good Tickle Brain (who will be giving a panel up in Stratford this year which y’all should endeavor to see on my behalf because it’s the week after we’re up there and I’m sad), she has come through for the internet in a big way and done a 3-panel version of Timon. It’s succinct, and it’s perfect.

Image result for timon of athens

Well. That’s all the sillies I’ve found for you today. I credit my Google-Fu with this!

Tomorrow, A talks Guys and Dolls!


Silly Sunday: If Winter’s Here, Why Am I Melting?

Hey, guys!

I’m still sick, but I can breathe through my nose now, so… WOOOOOO!!!! Huge step toward normalcy!

Anyway… tonight was the GoT premiere. I watched it live, but I know a lot of people can’t do that, so I’m promising a spoiler-free zone here. We’re pretty good about that already, but I want to be extra sure to tell you.

But if you haven’t watched it… YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE IT.

Also, I would follow Lady Mormont into the depths of hell. But that’s not a spoiler… unless you’ve managed to go this long without knowing of the awesomeness, in which case shame.

Pretend I wasn’t lazy and put an appropriate shaming GIF here.

Um… I didn’t have anything planned. Actually, I forgot today was Sunday. Which is weird because I remembered that the GoT premiere was today, but… apparently, I’m living on Westerosi time, or something.

So, here is Cactus favorite Chris Evans being adorable:

The dog has his own computer. How adorable.

Also… dog love is forever.

We’ll be back tomorrow. I might have to remind A tomorrow is Monday. Hopefully, I remember to do that…


Silly Sunday: Writing Funnies

Heylos! Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday. I seem to have been correct about the new show getting in the way of A writing yesterday, but I also didn’t want to write anything. Laziness, how thou art wonderful sometimes. To be fair, I was exhausted. I hadn’t slept the night before, so it wasn’t just laziness.

So. In Killing Mercutio news, we’re at 14 rejections/no-replies (which mean rejections). There’s three more approaching the “if you haven’t heard from us by this time, it’s a no” stage, so… pretty much seventeen. Our next batch is full of projects like ours (and Gregory Maguire’s agent), so we’re hoping third time’s the charm. Honestly, seventeen isn’t that many. If we get up into the 50-60 range, I’ll start getting concerned, but for now? No. Seventeen is nothing.

For today, writing funnies!

Okay, so I always have this idea for a really epic fight but whenever I try to write it, it just come out extremely badly written.:


I do this aaaaallll the tiiiimmmmeee. I just  enjoy reading my writing so much that I need it. Also, I forget what I wrote 20 minutes ago, so refresh:


Oh but what is right often feels like betrayal.:


I think we've all had a moment like this...:


And… a not-so-funny because inspiration:

writing images | How a dead dude helped me rediscover my drive to write | Going For ...:

OK. We’ll be back tomorrow with a Muse!