Silly Sunday: Darcy Tries to Be Cool

Hey, guys! Welcome to Silly Sunday! It’s our day of silly! And it’s Sunday! Yes…feel the head explosions. Feel them.

Do y’all remember a while back when I decided I was going to have an unofficial Pride and Prejudice week because I was in charge of everything but Saturday? Of course you do. But in case you don’t here’s the Monday Muse:

Why Mr. Darcy is just that Awkward Kid Sitting in the Corner

(Warning: Those of you who think Colin Firth is the end-all-be-all of Darcy, please understand I mean you no harm. And don’t hurt me)

And here’s the Boozy Books from that week:

Boozy Books: Pride and Prejudice!

Now, I was seriously proud of the Silly Sunday I found that week (Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice), but this could have been a really good substitute. Not only is it completely fitting with what I think of as Mr. Darcy’s Character, but it would have rounded out the week on a deeper thematic level. Alas, I did not find it until now. So, you! YOU ON THE INTERNET! (Hi!!!!!) Read the links I posted above and then come back here and giggle at the pictures below. GIGGLE, I tell you.

HAHAHAHAHA! OK…I didn’t giggle. I full on laughed. That’s some straight up Darcy right there. Yes, I’ve lost my mind. There’s editing, research (did you know I know nothing about science and never realized it until my head came up with an idea I have no idea how to do), world-building (well, actually…it’s more like character building at this point, since I have a pretty damn good idea of the world), and MORE research (Shakespeare totally wishes he could have Andrew Lloyd Webber’d Hamlet…or at least added some explosions for Hamlet to walk away from). And, apparently, I still need to adult, which means cleaning my house and folding the mountain of clothes lying next to me on the couch. I hate folding so much…

Again, I’ve lost my mind.

Well…that was the Silly! Tomorrow, hopefully, A will give you something coherent. I dunno, though…she can get pretty weird when her shows get going. And she’s got a ton of editing to do, as well. We’ve both got SO MUCH editing to do.

And I just realized I need to clean my shower. Dammit.




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