Silly Sunday: It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True…

Hi friends! Ready for a laugh?

I’ve been watching Jim Jeffries’s stand-up lately and he just cracks me up. His observational humor is spot-on. Take this clip for example. This comparison of US airport security with basically any other country in the world is hysterical and accurate.

I believe Jeffries has a stand-up special on Netflix so if you’re interested in his style of comedy, definitely check him out. 👍

Happy Sunday!



Silly Sunday: The Reality of Daylight Savings

Hello again, friends! Welcome to Silly Sunday! 

Today’s silliness stems from my continued frustration with the absolute stupidity that is daylight savings time. If you’re in an area that participates in this social experiment, – that’s gone on for waaaay too long, in my opinion – you surely know that I’m talking about. 

Sure, it was nice on that one Monday when it felt like we all got a magical extra hour of sleep, but that was a lie. Now, it becomes pitch black rounding the corner of four o’clock and I never know what time it is. Like, seriously, I’ve gone to bed past midnight every night this week. I usually make my way to bed around 10! It’s nonsense.

Also, hi hello, uh, daylight savings time causes brain damage?? Why am I not surprised?

So, yeah. Today’s silliness comes to us from our friends on imgur. And it’s silly because it’s. Just. So. True.


See you next time!


Silly Sunday: Witty Fools and Foolish Wits

Happy Sunday, good fool-lowers! Today’s post is just a teensy bit focused on Feste, the fool who graces the stage in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Fools are supposed to be silly so it works, I guess. Of course, Feste is probably one of the smartest people in Shakespeare’s “Whatever” comedy, and – like most of Shakespeare’s fools – he spends much of his time  providing commentary, wordplay, and witty repartee that puts the other characters to shame.

I’ve always had a special liking for Shakespeare’s fools: their words are measured, their digs are precisely timed and aimed, and they are really good at playing fools. That’s what I love most about them, I think… each of Shakespeare’s fools is smarter than the next and they know it. And they make sure the audience knows it. I like to think that Shakespeare’s fools are an insertion of the playwright himself; an embodiment of the man’s own beliefs and wisdom in the form of snide remark here or there that he just couldn’t keep to himself – especially if he was writing the kind of play that audiences and producers demanded of him that ended up with subtitles like “Or What You Will”.

Feste is a particularly brilliant fool, with characteristics that many critics have described as the personification of the holiday for which the play is named. Yes, Twelfth Night is an actual thing. It’s the holiday in the Christian calendar that marks the coming of the Epiphany. Learn all about it, here. Apparently Twelfth Night festivities are high on the revelry scale and a little bit anti-establishment. In any case, Feste pretty much spends the whole play acting beyond the control of any authority. And he has license to do so under Olivia’s service so Shakespeare basically wrote in a free pass for him to be as honest as possible. Nice.

Anyway, here‘s a fun listicle of the wisest lines as spoken by Shakespeare’s fools. You’ll note that Feste has managed to get two quotes up on the board. What are your favorites?


Silly Sunday: If Winter’s Here, Why Am I Melting?

Hey, guys!

I’m still sick, but I can breathe through my nose now, so… WOOOOOO!!!! Huge step toward normalcy!

Anyway… tonight was the GoT premiere. I watched it live, but I know a lot of people can’t do that, so I’m promising a spoiler-free zone here. We’re pretty good about that already, but I want to be extra sure to tell you.

But if you haven’t watched it… YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE IT.

Also, I would follow Lady Mormont into the depths of hell. But that’s not a spoiler… unless you’ve managed to go this long without knowing of the awesomeness, in which case shame.

Pretend I wasn’t lazy and put an appropriate shaming GIF here.

Um… I didn’t have anything planned. Actually, I forgot today was Sunday. Which is weird because I remembered that the GoT premiere was today, but… apparently, I’m living on Westerosi time, or something.

So, here is Cactus favorite Chris Evans being adorable:

The dog has his own computer. How adorable.

Also… dog love is forever.

We’ll be back tomorrow. I might have to remind A tomorrow is Monday. Hopefully, I remember to do that…


Silly Sunday: I’m Screaming

Happy Sunday, everybody! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday. If you tuned in yesterday you’ll have read C’s analysis of what probably happened to Boozy Books. She was exactly correct on all counts. I indulged in wine and some Hamilton talk and proceeded to get my relaxation and sleepytime on because rehearsal has been exhausting. But I’m here today with an outrageously funny video that a cast member shared with me. It had me in tears and I must have watched it at least five times so I think it’s safe to say that it qualifies as a very silly addition to Silly Sunday. Enjoy!



Silly Sunday: Zombie Jesus Day!

Hi everybody! I hope everyone had a splendid zombie Jesus day, filled with chocolate bunnies and painted eggs and probably lamb. I never understood the whole lamb on Easter thing, tbh. I get that it’s probably related to the whole lamb of God thing, but then… You wouldn’t eat the lamb of God, would you? Is that the point? I don’t know. I just know I get to eat chocolate and hard-boiled eggs all day and I’m totally cool with it.

And now… Please laugh at the process of how Easter eggs are made.


Silly Sunday: Irish Terms for “Drunk”

Happy Sunday, dear readers! Hopefully you had a wonderful time merrymaking this weekend. And given America’s propensity for getting into the Irish spirit around St. Paddy’s Day I’m sure you were not lacking for parties or pub crawls. Unless you live under a bridge or something…

Anyway, as one last shout out to St. Patrick and this weekend’s many revelers (both Irish and decidedly not) here’s a silly video from Jimmy Kimmel in which Jamie Dornan (who is Irish) goes through a list of Irish euphemisms for being drunk. I have no desire to ever see or read the 50 shades franchise, but I do find this video adorable. Please let this man be in other films that I might watch. With his accent intact. K thanks. 


Silly Shakespeare Sunday: Happy New Year!

Happy 2017, everyone! If you had a good 2016, I hope it blows 2016 out of the water. If, however, 2016 was the flaming dumpster fire it was for me, I hope your 2017 is much, much better!

Now… fun fact. In Elizabethan England, New Year was actually celebrated in March. January 1st was just one of the many days of Christmas. The… seventh, in fact. Isn’t that swans a swimming? Why are there seven? That’s a lonely swan. Someone probably ate its mate, as swan was considered a delicacy during the period.

In fact, if you want to see what the Elizabethan religious calendar was like, check it out here. Just letting you know: they had a lot of holidays.

We’ll be back tomorrow for a New Years’ Muse!