Monday Muse: Enough

Hello, readers, and welcome to the Monday Muse.
This past weekend has been difficult for many across the world. We are collectively angry, scared, and bewildered by the terrible attacks and sheer hate that a few horrible people unleashed upon unwitting innocents.
I’m sick of it. I’m sure you are too.
I’m sick of terrible people ruining my faith in humanity.
I’m sick of people STEALING the lives of others.
I’m sick of people doing absurdly disgusting things in the name of their religions despite EVERY major religion CLEARLY having a DON’T KILL PEOPLE clause.
Look, I honestly wasn’t sure how to handle today’s muse. I still don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m angry. I’m defiant. I’m confused and worried and pretty much convinced that if there is intelligent life in the universe it’s not on this planet.
Originally I had hoped to write something deep or meaningful; to make some kind of difference? Honestly, what suggestion for a more peaceful world can I possibly make that hasn’t already been suggested? Why can’t we all just love one another? People always say smiling takes less effort than frowning and I believe love takes less effort than hate. Hate settles and seethes and brims over, drowning people in black, blinding rage. Love floats and breathes and warms us from the inside out.
So yeah, maybe this muse wasn’t as powerful or important as I wanted it to be, but PLEASE, I implore you, smile at someone today, give your best friend a hug, call your parents, and for the love of love itself don’t let those bastards win by giving into fear.



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