Silly Sunday: Yes, Writing is my job…

…I’m just currently at volunteer status. Or maybe intern. Yes, intern sounds much better.

So, we’ve reached another day of untoward silliness here at Nerd Cactus. I know it might seem inappropriate to post giggle-worthy things right now, given what the people of Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, and Africa are going through. But I think we especially need humor in these moments, because laughter is human and what we need to do right now is find that humanity. I echo the sentiments of A in her post yesterday and urge you to donate to worldwide relief efforts. Donate especially to Doctors Without Borders, an organization founded in France and dedicated to making sure that people everywhere–even in the heart of war zones–have access to medical care. Because then you’ll be donating to something so emblematic of what France stands for and, ultimately, that seems to me to be the thing you can do to celebrate France’s humanity the most.

But, let’s have some laughter. As a person shoulder deep in NaNo right now, I’m finding just about anything celebrating the plight of the writer very funny. Fits of giggles, I’m telling you. Here’s a few good ones:

(Oh, the rage.)

And my current favorite:

That’s it for today! Tune in tomorrow for the Muse!



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