Monday Muse: Prioritizing Creativity

Hey there, everybody! It’s time for a dose of Monday musing. As you may know (if you follow us on a regular basis, you definitely know), C and I finished the first draft of our second project this past weekend. Yay! We’re moving forward at an excellent pace and I’m beyond proud of what we’ve created together so far, and look forward to our continued partnership.

I’m also proud of the fact that we have the potential to create so much more. We have a handful of projects ready to focus on as Nerd Cactus continues to grow, and that, my friends, brings me to today’s topic. The prioritization of creativity. Ours. C’s. Mine. Yours. There’s no such thing as too much creativity, but what happens when your creativity seems to overflow to the point that you aren’t sure what project to work on? You can’t work on them all at once. I don’t care who you are. Your work deserves your full attention. So pick one (maybe two if you’re ultra organized and ambitious) and concentrate your efforts.

C and I have lots of projects (both personal and collaborative) to work on, and it seems that we’re always tossing around more and more ideas. So the idea of prioritizing our creativity has become more and more important to us. It’s a necessary way to hone in our ever-churning brainstorms. We move through our projects after careful consideration of which ones will help us move forward as writers, creators, and Nerd Cactus entrepreneurs. Of course, everyone should create their own criteria when organizing future endeavors.  Of course, you should write down and continue to develop ideas,  just don’t try to work on a million things at once. Prioritize, so that each project has the benefit of your full concentration.

Never take your creativity for granted and never try to turn it off. Always give it priority. But once it’s written down, tuck it away until you have the right circumstances to work on it.

Just a little food for thought.

Happy Monday!



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