Silly Sunday: We’re Done and it’s #Savage

Welcome to the internet, folks! Well… welcome to our little corner of the internet, aka Cactuslandia!

Today’s not really silly so much as an announcement of awesome-ness:

We finished the first draft of Bill and Ben’s Excellent Adventure today! Let’s share a moment of joy, people!


A and I had ice-cream to celebrate! And I think I can speak for everyone when I say that’s pretty damn awesome. You should have some ice-cream, too. Celebrate with us!

Because, once we’ve gotten a chance to get the excitement out of our system, we’re going to get down to business and slay those Huns!


(Seriously. Everyone else thinks about Huns, right?)

Also… Sherlock trailer!


Well… that’s it for today. Ice-cream! ICE-CREAM!

And Bill and Ben is totally #savage. Everyone will be Team Jonspeare! (It makes sense in context, I swear.)

We’ll be back tomorrow with a Muse!



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