Boozy Books: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Happy Friday, readers!!!! …And may I add a heartfelt TGIF on top of that? It’s been a very long week and there’s nothing about my weekends I look forward to more than relaxing with a book and a drink, and not teaching summer camp. If you’re a loyal reader of this blog I’m sure you too look forward to a book, some booze, and a break from (insert job here). This week I’m going into the “childhood reads” territory although the selection is still read and enjoyed by adults the world over. 

I first read Jules Verne’s classic Journey to the Center of the Earth as an abridged version when I was a kid, but have since had the pleasure of reading the full translation. Verne’s science fiction story of exploration is a wildly fanciful tale in which the main characters descend into the depths of the earth through a volcano and discover natural hazards as well as prehistoric dangers. Professor Lidenbrock, accompanied by his nephew, Axel, and their guide Hans, discovers a whole world of hidden adventure. (Hint: don’t watch that Brendan Fraser movie.)

Pair this with a smokey scotch. The kind that reminds you of old books and the smell of dark libraries. Curl up and enjoy!


*Sorry for the delay on posting. I hit publish, but wasn’t in range of wifi*


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