Shakespeare Saturday: Ben Jonson is a Regina

Helloooo, fine readers of Nerd Cactus-landia! Welcome to today’s Shakespeare Saturday. Let’s get rolling!

As most of you are no doubt aware, A and I have moved on to writing a new project while beta readers have Killing Mercutio (though, on the plus side, we’ve heard back from one of them and she wants all of you to buy this book when it’s published — the words “this is my favorite line in any book ever” were uttered, so… yeah #slay). It’s a one-act called Bill and Ben’s Excellent Adventure, and it’s a discussion of the merits of film and theater between William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson. But, because Shakespeare is an idiot and Jonson takes himself way too seriously, things don’t really go according to plan.

Let’s just say Hamlet in 5-minutes using only movie quotes is totally a thing that happens, and Shakespeare is a big Terminator fan.

But today is about Ben Jonson, because, for the first time in this process, A and I really delved into his poetry. And, seriously guys…

Ben Jonson is a BITCH. Like, seriously. Ben Jonson is a full on Regina George. I don’t want to spoil which of his works we’ve incorporated into the play, but take a moment to look up Jonson’s Epigrams and read some of them. I know Shakespeare is known as the master of insults, but there’s no way you could create a Ben Jonson Insult Generator. They’re too… I don’t think subtle is the right word for it, but too… high-minded. You know it’s an insult, but you might have to think about what exactly it’s saying. Which might actually be better than ‘thou art a tedious quat’ (which is totally what popped up when I used this Shakespeare Insult Generator), though I’m not entirely sure what a quat is…

So, anyway, check out some of Ben Jonson’s work. Here’s a link for a bunch of Jonson’s stuff, so you have no excuse. Go. Read. Because, as Shakespeare says, Ben Jonson is #savage.

OK, so… that’s it for me today! Tomorrow, we get silly!



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