Monday Muse: Inspiration Wanted, Apply Within

Heyo! It’s Muse time!

I admit, I’m a little at a loss as to write today. Having to help A out while children suck out her soul through a straw has kinda depleted my brain of ideas. So I have very little of importance to say. Not that anything important really happens here, but… I’m unusually empty-headed today.

So I did what I usually do when the brain is empty… I turned to the internet. Specifically Pinterest. Where I can clip pictures that remind me of characters or of places in my worlds, or even just things that catch my eye to use later… or never, even. It’s a pretty passive act, really, and I know I’m breaking ALL the rules of writing here, but…

It’s OK To Do This.

Some days, you just can’t write. Some days, it might feel like your brain is a wrung out sponge. You search and search, but there’s nothing there but a dry, crinkly yellow and green (or whatever color your sponges are) rectangle next to your mental sink. OK, that got weird real fast. It’s not a good writing day for me, so my metaphors are a bit off. But you guys know what I mean.

We’re always being inundated with rules. And, yes, writing every day is probably one of the few rules I mostly agree with (fuck you, Prologue Police!). But… sometimes, man, you just gotta break things. Some days have to be the exception that proves the rule, you know? Sometimes, it’s better to do nothing and run that sponge under a tap (WHY AM I CONTINUING THIS METAPHOR?!) for a couple days than try to scrape some words — any words — from the bottom of the barrel (and now I’m mixing metaphors… great job, C). Sometimes, it really is OK to go looking for inspiration.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Inspiration is the excuse people use when they want to be lazy. Which is sometimes true. Sometimes, we sit around waiting for inspiration to strike and it really is just an excuse. But taking the time to go LOOK for inspiration? That’s an action. That’s doing. That’s… OK, new metaphor. That’s sowing the seed of creation in your fertile mind… wait, no. That went weird fast. This really is a bad writing day for me. What I’m trying to say is that creation — of whatever sort, really — is something internal, yes, but it isn’t divorced from the external. We see things, hear things, taste things… EXPERIENCE things that are fuel for our creative expression. And sometimes… sometimes it’s OK to turn off the internal and just let the experiences in.

Even if it’s something as simple as clicking pictures on a Pinterest board during your writing time. Because the actual act of putting word to paper isn’t the only thing that matters. No matter what the fudging rules say.

Also… and it feels weird that it’s an afterthought, but as I’ve already discussed the lack of diversity in SF/F, I think it’s OK… there are a LOT of white people in fantasy art. Could we maybe do something about that, please? And maybe some non-gender binary stuff while we’re at it? Or even women with small breasts? There are a lot of sexy white female assassins in the fantasy art world. A LOT. It should not have taken me three hours to find a non-sexualized black female warrior last night! COME ON, guys! Let’s fix this!

I should… I should probably have made the whole post about that, hunh?

We’ll be back on Friday with Boozy Books!



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