Silly Sunday: Moving Furniture

Happy Sunday, friends! Sorry for the silence, but life has taken a hectic turn as of late. Among other things, I’m currently in the midst of “redecorating” my living room. It’s not nearly as fun as I thought it would be because a lot of the look and style is for business purposes. My SO is building out his home studio so we are working on finding a compromise between professional and “I actually live here.” It’s going well.

I don’t have a silly fact or tidbit or clip today, but I do have the story of four people trying to move a couch. I was one of those four people, and this story took place this very afternoon…

Allow me to supply you with a little backstory: The couch my SO and I inherited mere months ago has disintegrated. (Real leather my ass.) Because we don’t currently have room in our budget to buy a brand-new couch, we have pursued other methods. Namely, asking friends and family for hand-me-downs. (Which is how we got our last two couches.)

It just so happens that my SO’s brother has had a couch in storage for the last two or three years and we’re welcome to have it. Hooray!

Apparently it has minor dings from previous moving expeditions and a few scratches from the cat, but it’s in good condition. Also, there seems to have been a jalapeno popper incident, but we don’t need to worry about that. Cool. Free couch. Whatever.

Well, today was the day that we said goodbye to yet another couch that proved to be less trouble than it was worth and hauled this sucker in. It took my SO, his brother and father, and myself to finagle this thing into the house and along the way, we managed to rip up half a tree, break our screen door, and destroy the underside of the couch itself. But still, free couch.

Cut to a few hours later. We’ve cleaned our new used couch with leather cleaner and car interior cleaner and other cleaning chemicals, leaving the couch looking quite nice actually; not at all as though it’s been sitting in a glorified garage for the last few years.

So, we’ve rearranged the room and we’re ready to relax. We take a seat on the new old couch and we sink, and I do mean sink, to the floor. Some couches are soft and smushy, but something is very wrong.

After flipping the sofa on its side, we discover that the frame is broken and corroded… Oh, we also find a dead lizard and half of what I can only assume was once a jalapeno popper.

I think the moral of the story is this: there is no such thing as a used couch in good condition.

Also, anyone trying to get rid of a couch?


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