Silly Sunday: In-Jokes With Friends

Heyo! Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday!

I’m doing well during NaNo so far, with almost 11,000 words. And I’m just about to introduce the third of four major characters (on Team Good Guy), so that’ll be fun. I love Z, so it’ll be great to let her have her super literal sense of humor. There’s so much stuff I want to write. All the exciting stuff.

But, as excited as I am to get there, I still have to take breaks once in a while. It’s been five days so the word well is a bit low. So I’ve been having fun talking about Tricksters with a writer friend of mine.

Since we both write about them, we’ve decided we’re going to include references to one another’s Tricksters in our works. Since Lucky is the inspiration for all of them (he hasn’t physically been all of them, but that’s how the Collective works–look up Jung’s Collective Unconscious and make it a literal place, and that’s my Collective), he’s technically my friend’s character and that character is technically Lucky.

Have you ever read books by different writers that seem to have in-jokes? References to one another that aren’t explicit, but acknowledge the fun tie-ins that exist if, somehow, books lived in the same world? (Like, say, Thursday Next’s BookWorld?) I don’t mean things like Rig being black and joking that only Marvel managed to get that right (the ‘whitest of the gods’ thing was a joke Lucky played while he was still Loki); I mean small references.

If you’re a writer, have you ever gotten together with a writer friend and made jokes like that? We’re all friends; we should do it! Let’s be friendly together!



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