Silly Sunday: The Week My Job Got Hard

Hey, guys! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday.

Do you guys know how hard it is to find jokes about Timon of Athens? It’s really difficult. But I managed to find a couple. Well, mostly… I managed to find an image where Timon of Athens is Timon from The Lion King, which is really all I wanted. I’ve been making that joke all week, and I’m glad the internet has come through for me. Thank you, internet. I love you.

Related image


Image result for timon of athens funny

The only thing I want now is for someone to find a still from a production of Timon of Athens (bonus points for this year’s Stratford production) and replace Timon with a cartoon meerkat. Please. My birthday is coming up. I’d really appreciate it.

Now. Lest we forget how much we love Good Tickle Brain (who will be giving a panel up in Stratford this year which y’all should endeavor to see on my behalf because it’s the week after we’re up there and I’m sad), she has come through for the internet in a big way and done a 3-panel version of Timon. It’s succinct, and it’s perfect.

Image result for timon of athens

Well. That’s all the sillies I’ve found for you today. I credit my Google-Fu with this!

Tomorrow, A talks Guys and Dolls!



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