Monday Muse: Children are Exhausting

Hi everyone! I’m supposed to Muse today, but given that it’s the start of another week of summer camp and I had the least relaxing weekend in the history of weekends, I’ve got next-to-nothing left. I’m pooped and sore for reasons that are unfathomable to me because I didn’t actually do anything physically demanding. 

All I can say is children are exhausting and people who decide to actually own more than two are out of their everloving minds. Last week I had a whopping 12 kids to keep track of and, as if that weren’t enough, it was an insistently rambunctious group. This week is only seven – which, in contrast, feels a bit like a vacation – but I swear they’re sucking the life out of me. Are children the real vampires? Are they actually causing the aging process? Maybe if everybody stopped having children we’d all just live forever. I kid. Some children are pretty great. Just not in packs…

Good night, friends!



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