Silly Sunday: If Winter’s Here, Why Am I Melting?

Hey, guys!

I’m still sick, but I can breathe through my nose now, so… WOOOOOO!!!! Huge step toward normalcy!

Anyway… tonight was the GoT premiere. I watched it live, but I know a lot of people can’t do that, so I’m promising a spoiler-free zone here. We’re pretty good about that already, but I want to be extra sure to tell you.

But if you haven’t watched it… YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE IT.

Also, I would follow Lady Mormont into the depths of hell. But that’s not a spoiler… unless you’ve managed to go this long without knowing of the awesomeness, in which case shame.

Pretend I wasn’t lazy and put an appropriate shaming GIF here.

Um… I didn’t have anything planned. Actually, I forgot today was Sunday. Which is weird because I remembered that the GoT premiere was today, but… apparently, I’m living on Westerosi time, or something.

So, here is Cactus favorite Chris Evans being adorable:

The dog has his own computer. How adorable.

Also… dog love is forever.

We’ll be back tomorrow. I might have to remind A tomorrow is Monday. Hopefully, I remember to do that…



One thought on “Silly Sunday: If Winter’s Here, Why Am I Melting?

  1. I absolutely loved the GoT episode. My partner and I were both cheering during the opening sequence!

    Lady Mormont is my new role model. She’s more brave than most of the other heads of houses put together. Just love her.

    Oh, I was surprised to see Ed Sheeran in the episode though. Somehow it had completely slipped under my radar that he was going to be in it.

    This season is off to a good start, and I’m really curious to see where it will take us.

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