Shakespeare Saturday: The Bard, Delayed

I’m sorry this is late. There is no excuse except I didn’t notice I hadn’t posted anything. I wrote it up and was convinced I hit publish only to find the tab still open on my browser. Oops.

So. It’s getting to be about that time, guys! Next month is the 3rd Annual Bestie Good Time Vacay to Stratford. As A and I count down the days (50, I think), I’ve begun thinking about how we approach the run-up to the trip itself. Those of you who have been here for a while know that we typically spend August talking about the Shakespeare that we’ll be seeing. We discuss themes, pair the plays, share versions you can watch on the screen, and post some funnies.

But I don’t know if I want to do that this year. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to talk about the Shakespeare (duh), but that means we miss the opportunity to talk about some of the other stuff we’ll be seeing. The first year, we only saw Shakespeare (except our last-minute sojourn into Restoration comedy), but last year… Last year was not Shakespeare’s year. 

Last year undoubtedly belonged to Molière. The Hypochondriac was the runaway hit for both A and I. And we never really talked about it, except to review it. We could have paired it (and it would have been a glorious pairing!) and discussed the history of theater during the reign of the Sun King. We could have talked about the night Molière collapsed on stage during a performance (which is how they chose to stage the performance). So many things.

So… maybe this year, instead of focusing on Shakespeare, A and I should pick the four plays we’re most excited to see and pair focus on those. I mean, we’ve talked about Romeo and Juliet before. Heck, we wrote a whole novel based on it. I don’t want to pair it.

I want to talk about the Bakkhai, which is the first piece of classical theater I’ll ever get to see live. And I want to talk about Tartuffe, which I hope is as good as The Hypochondriac (and of course it will be; I know who’s in it). And I know A is probably more excited for The Madwoman of Chaillot than Romeo and Juliet. (Just because… well, you guys know we don’t actually like it, right?) 

So… maybe we pair Timon of Athens and Twelfth Night. Since this is a Shakspeare-loving blog. But maybe we pick two non-Shakespeare plays to fill in the other two weeks.

What sayeth all of you?


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