Monday Muse: The Update, The Dream, and the Wardrobe

Hey, guys! It’s me, C! I’m here again!

First off, Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. Please remember to be safe and respectful with the fireworks, the drinking, and the definitions of what is or isn’t an American. (Hint: being white, Christian, rural, or blue collar–or any combination thereof–does not make you more American than anyone else.) I’ll be procuring food for myself… either BBQ or Middle Eastern. I haven’t decided which yet. I was going to go to my favorite Jamaican place, but they’re closed on Tuesdays.

So is my favorite Pho place.


Anyway. Moving on. I have not completed my Sorting of Jane Austen’s characters. (I started it on Friday. You can read it here if you missed it.) I started with Persuasion because of course I did. Sorry to my Slytherin friends out there, but the awful members of the Eliot clan are absolutely there. An obsession with status and blood is, unfortunately, one of the less savory attestable Slytherin traits. Now, I have also considered just making them Muggles, while Mr. Eliot (the pseudo-villain of the piece) is a Slytherin by virtue of his cunning, ambition, and shared sense of class superiority. Anne is a Hufflepuff, definitely. She’s less limited in her ideas of who deserves her help, is kind and hard-working, the person people turn to for emotional support, and unstinting in her acceptance and openness. It is not because of a sense of superiority that she originally turns down Wentwork but because she is obliging and loyal to the people she loves and respects. She is also intelligent, level-headed, and passionate, and ultimately she stands up for her own beliefs. She is the best of the Hufflepuffs. I have also firmly come down on Gryffindor for Captain Wentworth. He had ambitions, yes, but he is a man of great bravery and daring, he joins the Navy–noted for its relative egalitarianism at the time–rather than the Army, and I’m not sure a Slytherin would feel themselves obligated to marry a woman they didn’t love because their actions may have given everyone expectations.

I’ll keep y’all updated as this goes along.

As for the dream… I had another one, y’all. Another dream that will eventually become a novel. Actually, I think this is the story I needed. It’s not too complex, won’t require much by way of research, and the world is small enough I can create it in a few weeks instead of months. I keep coming up with stories that balloon into massive research projects. Lost City needs an entire magic system and a town that’s its own character a la Middlemarch. Esmeihiri is still so broad, I actually have no idea what it’s about beyond the broadest strokes. Lucky is almost ready to draft; I just need to make sure I haven’t left any holes for him to exploit and get in the way. Fall the God needs more plotting and worldbuilding. Eve of the Gods is getting entirely re-done. It took me three days of pondering and an entire Muse to figure out what to call recycling centers in Utterra.

Anyway. I’m not sure I should be adding another story to my list, but… I think this one might be good for the main thrust of NaNo. Something I can just work on without worrying about it getting too complicated. With some careful plotting (it’s still a political intrigue-heavy fantasy), it could be good for me.

Oh. The wardrobe. Uh…


This one looks cool!

Sorry it’s not much. I wasn’t entirely expecting to do this.



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