Monday Muse: Apparently, Today is Tuesday

I can’t really say I didn’t know that. Being an avid player of the Twitter hashtag games, I’m always aware what day it is. (OK, how sad is it that I use writing games to keep track of the days of the week? I need hobbies.) But I wasn’t prepared to write a post yesterday and then I realized it wasn’t my turn anyway, and I set aside the blog with a sigh of relief and turned to Lucky. Since he’s talking to me again.

It’s a huge relief that he has decided to grace me with his presence. He was being a big butt and refusing to acknowledge me for a while. I think he was upset I wrote a bit of a breakdown into the outline (he doesn’t like to admit he’s anything but the Sass King). Then I reminded him of what happens after the breakdown, and he was even more upset because he goes into a bad ass moment without being at all prepared.

Why are all of my male characters so obsessed with having their appearance be exact? Lucky and Zeke would never stop talking fashion, and even Abraham likes to keep his mustache nice and proper. Meanwhile, my girls are like, “Who the fuck cares? I’ve got shit to do!” Except Mia. She uses appearance as a weapon. Then again, so does Zeke. Lucky is just vain.

Anyway. I guess there really isn’t a point to this. I’m good at not having a point, aren’t I? I just wanted to tell you that we hadn’t forgotten you, and I’m happy to have my character back. He’s happy with me again. I’ve promised him that the badass moment I just mentioned would be ridiculously badass. And that he is perfectly capable of changing his appearance without taking someone else’s face.

He forgets that sometimes. We’re still early in the story.

Hope the writing goes apace for everyone! Or, if not writing, whatever endeavor you have chosen to pursue!



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