Monday Muse: Uh… A Thing!

Hey, guys! I’m sorry we’re late. And that you’re stuck dealing with me again. A’s posts are always so much more succinct and less rambling than mine, and now you’re forced to sit through another ridiculous C day.

I also don’t have anything to say. I think. I had something I wanted to say, but then I forgot what it was. What was it? I don’t know.

Well, I guess instead of having something substantive to say, I guess I’ll go ahead and shoot myself in the foot by announcing that Nerd Cactus is going to be writing another book in the world of Killing Mercutio. And it’s going to focus on Horatio!

Yes. The guy who manages to survive Hamlet is the main character of this story. He’ll end up meeting with the crew from Killing Mercutio (the ones who survive, obviously, though there are some another spin-off tails involving Tybalt after he is brought back to life by Puck to serve Oberon) and things will happen! Also… he is mourning Hamlet’s death more than just as his prince, but as the man he loved. And I am thisclose to pairing him off with Cassio (who appears in Mercutio, as well).

We’re not sure what exactly the plot will be, but we know we’re going to use the Dano-Hanseatic War and the conflict between the Kalmar Union and Holstein as the backdrop of the story. This does mean we’ll have to strip Elinsore of its actual crown, but we figure you’ll forgive us for the sake of a good story. Plus, the novel begins with everyone except Horatio and Fortinbras dead, anyway, so… whatever.

As to why Benvolio et al would get involved. Turns out the King of Denmark of the time was married to Philippa, the sister of Henry IV of England. And Benvolio has connections in England, after all.

I admit this one is my baby more than it is A’s. I’m kinda dragging her along for the ride because Horatio is one of my favorite characters and I wanted to write about him. But this involves a lot more historical research on my part than Mercutio ever did, so I’m excited to make this work not only in historical context but also within the world we’ve created. Shakespeare first, history second really dominated Killing Mercutio (though if you’re wondering why Michael Cassio appears in a Romeo and Juliet novel when Othello takes place a century-and-a-half later, I have an explanation); I’m looking forward to doing something like that again.

This will obviously happen after Talentless. But I am enjoying reading into a part of the world and history I never really studied before. Obviously, this will involve less re-working of Shakespeare’s actual plays (taking place after Hamlet), but it means I get to write for Benvolio again. And explore things I didn’t get to go into with him the first time around. Like the fact that he’s very probably aro/ace because I can’t even begin to imagine him in either a romantic or sexual relationship. The most important person in the world to him is Romeo and that’s definitely NOT sexual or romantic.

Also, Horatio and Benvolio on the same page as one another makes me the happiest. The absolute happiest.

So. News! Super happy-making!



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