Silly Sunday: Writing Funnies

Heylos! Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday. I seem to have been correct about the new show getting in the way of A writing yesterday, but I also didn’t want to write anything. Laziness, how thou art wonderful sometimes. To be fair, I was exhausted. I hadn’t slept the night before, so it wasn’t just laziness.

So. In Killing Mercutio news, we’re at 14 rejections/no-replies (which mean rejections). There’s three more approaching the “if you haven’t heard from us by this time, it’s a no” stage, so… pretty much seventeen. Our next batch is full of projects like ours (and Gregory Maguire’s agent), so we’re hoping third time’s the charm. Honestly, seventeen isn’t that many. If we get up into the 50-60 range, I’ll start getting concerned, but for now? No. Seventeen is nothing.

For today, writing funnies!

Okay, so I always have this idea for a really epic fight but whenever I try to write it, it just come out extremely badly written.:


I do this aaaaallll the tiiiimmmmeee. I just  enjoy reading my writing so much that I need it. Also, I forget what I wrote 20 minutes ago, so refresh:


Oh but what is right often feels like betrayal.:


I think we've all had a moment like this...:


And… a not-so-funny because inspiration:

writing images | How a dead dude helped me rediscover my drive to write | Going For ...:

OK. We’ll be back tomorrow with a Muse!



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