Boozy Books: Staying Sober Today

Hey, guys! Welcome to today’s Boozy Books.

I’m going to make a confession. After reading Jane EyreWuthering Heights, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall over the course of a month, I have nothing new for you today. I decided to return to the joys of my favorites to take a break from the whole business. That being said, I don’t want to leave you guys hanging… I just read things I’d already paired. So I’m going to give you a chance to explore some of the older posts, especially those of you who are new to Cactus-landia! (HI!!!)

First up, The RookI let A pair this because I am an amazing friend, but this book was literally the last time I was completely blown away by an author I’d never read before. I just walked into the bookstore, picked a book that looked good, and it actually went well for me! I am a hard person to please. It’s gotten to the point I pretty much only read new authors on the personal recommendation of a person whose taste I trust. But The Rook is a new obsession of mine. After I finished The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, I immediately picked it up for a re-read because I love it so much. We also paired its sequel, Stiletto, and I definitely didn’t let A have that one.

I know you know this, but I am literally always reading Middlemarch. It can take a year to finish it because I’ll read a little, put it aside while I read something else, and then pick it up again. It never leaves my bedside table (i.e. my dresser because I am not enough of an adult to have a bedside table) and I can go weeks without reading it and pick it up without missing a beat. It’s to the point I’ve actually paired it twice.

Now, for a new book. Well, it’s not actually new, but I decided I might as well get over my high school distaste for Dickens and give him another chance. So what did I do? Delve into Bleak House, which is only one of his longest novels (by page count, it’s often THE longest, but Copperfield has a couple more thousand words). I figured I might as well jump right into the deep end. I’ll definitely pair it, though. Do I want to have it all end in disappointment and nothing, or do I focus on Esther’s story and have it end up bright? Wait. Does this mean I can recommend one of those cotton candy drinks for Dickens? God, I hope so.

So, yes. I’m taking a break this week from new pairings. I apologize. But, also, I think I kinda deserve it. The Brontë sisters aren’t exactly light summer reading by modern standards. Especially three in a single month.

I’ll be back on Sunday! (Or maybe tomorrow if A forgets it’s Saturday. Her new show just opened.)



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