Shakespeare Saturday: Good News, Everyone!

Man… I have been watching too much Futurama lately. I’ve started speaking like the characters.

Anyway. Today isn’t going to be anything long. I just want to share a cool thing that someone shared with me the other day. I have become the go-to Shakespeare news and joke person in my circle, so friends and family are sending me cool things they find, both because they think I’ll like them and for the blog.

This is a bit of both. Check it out!

Romeo and Juliet meets LGBT Footballers!

(That’s footballers as in soccer for all my fellow Americans. I’d enjoy it just as much if it were two NFL players, actually.)

Cool, right? I wish I had the opportunity to see it. If any of our readers have the opportunity, please take it and tell me what it’s like!

I’ll be back on Monday for Wuthering Heights week! (yay.)



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