Boozy Books: Jane Eyre Redux

OK. Today is going to be short. Sorry if you feel at all let down, but between CampNaNo, Nerd Cactus’ new project, and my reading challenge, I actually have no new books ready for pairing. Sorry again.

On Monday, I announced that I was going to be embarking on a new project, which I will be updating regularly throughout April (and probably some of May). In this project, I’m going to be re-reading Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, and reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall for the first time so I can determine once and for all which Brontë sister is the best. Because my opinion is SUPER definitive, right? Yes.

Now. I am really fond of Jane Eyre despite my… distaste for Charlotte Brontë, the book’s author. The more I learn of her, the more she sounds like a horrid little women who wanted to control and dominate everyone around her because of course she knew better than them. Especially regarding her youngest sister, Anne, whose work she prevented from being widely disseminated because she, Charlotte, thought it lacked literary merit.

I think it’s because Anne called bullshit on Heathcliff and Rochester being the kind of guy girls should dream of. But that’s just me.

Anyway. I do love Jane Eyre. Charlotte Brontë isn’t so problematic as a writer that I can’t enjoy their work, and she did write a great heroine in Jane. Even if Edward Rochester is a complete asshole (he kinda is, guys… though I’ve read Wide Sargasso Sea, so that definitely colored my view quite a bit…) and I think Jane Eyre should have found Adele, stolen her away, and run off to America as a widow and her daughter. Actually, I might write that ending one day.

So… I have actually paired Jane Eyre before. And that was back when I was really eager to impress you guys, so there’s words in bold and I really, really thought about the pairing instead of only thinking about it. Look how cute I was, guys!

Pairing Jane Eyre

I have to re-read Wuthering Heights before I can pair it. I don’t want to. I HATE IT. But for my challenge, I am going to. For you. Because I love you guys. And because I said I’d do it.

I’ll see y’all Sunday!



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