Silly Sunday: Camp!

OK. So… this isn’t silly. But this is my last chance to remind everyone before it starts because this coming week is mostly A.

This is my first year doing Camp NaNoWriMo. Typically, I can only do one of these big writing events a year. It takes the other 11 mos to figure out what I hate about the NaNo draft, decide I need to shelve the project while I figure out how to fix it, and start another one. But I got seduced into trying TWO this year…

Hopefully this works out.

For those not in the know, Camp is basically NaNo but you get more control over what you choose to do. 50,000 words? If you want. I’m doing 30,000, myself. Don’t want to write? Maybe you want to edit some pages. Or, hell… maybe you just want to spend an hour a day doing SOMETHING related to writing. Whatever. It’s all good at camp.

The best thing for me is that it isn’t location-based. NaNoWriMo SUCKS in my neck of the woods. There’s maybe 20 people and all the events are 45 minutes away from me (I live in a big county) without any traffic. So it’s lonely, isolated, and kinda suck. Obviously, the on-line community remains intact (hello, Twitter), but that can seem a tad overwhelming without breaking it down into groups.

Camp solves this with cabins. Yeah… it’s a silly distinction at best, but it counts for me. I’m weird.

So. If you want to join us at Camp, pick a project you want to work on and sign on up. Even if you can’t join the cool cabin (Team Purple Parrots!), hit me up on Twitter and you can definitely become an honorary member. We’ll be doing sprints, cheering one another on, and maybe we’ll even make Popsicle stick art!

See y’all on Saturday, when the games officially begin!


2 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Camp!

  1. Good luck with Camp! I’ve been talked into it by a friend as well. Now I’m in a cabin with one person I know and a group of her friends, working over 3 different time zones and continents. It’s going to be interesting. I’ve kept my word count down to 20k, which will still triple my daily word target if it works out. Here’s to putting some meat on those novel bones!

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