Monday Muse: The Joy of Collaborating

Hey guys! Sorry this is cutting it so short (and will probably be a little late); I was adding to the Cactus Inquiry Spreadsheet and didn’t realize what time it was.

Yes. That’s right. We’ve officially sent out our second round of queries! Obviously, we were not that exceptionally rare of beasts: a first-round manuscript request. But that’s OK; we really like this new crop of agents and we know we’ll find our match eventually. Killing Mercutio is a great novel; someone out there will want it.

Now. In other news: we officially broke ground on Talentless today! Nerd Cactus is officially in writing mode again!


I can’t express to you how happy this makes me. I’m never happy when I’m not creating. It’s an itch that builds until it becomes panic-inducing. While I’m sure I’ve mentioned that actually drafting is my least favorite part of the process, a part of that really only applies to writing my solo stuff. When I work alone, drafting is draining; I only have so many words I can write before I have to stop and recharge, and it takes a long time to fill that tank again. When I write with someone else, though…

The whole thing is different. The whole process is so much easier and so much less draining. People who tell me they have no idea how to collaborate or who think it must be so hard… I don’t get them. I don’t understand people who’re so protective of their writing, they refuse to share. Now, I should be clear that my personal stuff is just that; I don’t share it with any of my writing partners. They definitely help me plan, they help with keeping me out of a rut and with editing, but the creative process is mine. I would never collaborate on Liar because Lucky is mine. But the idea that writing is to be done alone is baffling to me.

Those of you who follow us on Twitter know that that’s me. It’s always me. A doesn’t Twit good. I’m the Twit. So you might know that a story I’ve been working on for 8 years (on and off) with another partner finally moved. I immediately set aside Liar to start work because this story took over my entire writing consciousness. Everything I needed to write appeared and all I had to do was put it down on screen. It confused me because I really, really love Liar and thought it was pretty secure in its place.

Eventually, I decided it was because that story is eight years old; it’s familiar and warm, the paths well-tread and intimate. But, after today, I’m wondering if it’s maybe that I write better in a partnership.

Anyway. Sorry this is late. We’ll keep you updated on all things Mercutio and introduce you to all things Talentless in the coming weeks.



3 thoughts on “Monday Muse: The Joy of Collaborating

    1. I’ve been really fortunate in my writing partners. Obviously A & I meet in person, but some of my best partners are on-line. We do everything by e-mail. So if you join an on-line writing community, you might have some luck.

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