Monday Muse: Bookshelves!

Hey there, Nerd Cactus readers! Apologies for missing Shakespeare Saturday. I actually had a really good one planned, but wouldn’t you know it, I spent the entire weekend building an Ikea bedframe. And, yes, I mean the entire weekend… This adventure into human-sized lego hybrid puzzles came about because the BF and I are beginning the exciting – but also crazy and seriously annoying – process of renovating our bedroom and bathroom. The good news: our relationship survived putting together Ikea’s 6th most difficult to assemble nightmare fuel. The bad news: we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of this endeavor.

BUT. I’ve discovered that I love the whole interior design planning phase. I’ve been looking for the just the right curtains and nightstands and rugs AND – wait for it – BOOKSHELVES!
These links have inspired me, because I TOTES need a bookshelf in our room. Of course, now I’m thinking I’ll probably need a custom made one which will be stupid expensive but…. Maybe I’ll become a carpenter? I mean Harrison Ford was a carpenter. And then he was Ham Solo. That seems like exactly the right career path for me. Yeah… Interior designer, carpenter, super famous Star Wars actor. 

But first. Bookshelves.



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