Shakespeare Saturday: Women Who Write

Hey guys! Sorry this is late, but I was out seeing Logan. You should also see it. It’s very good. Intense, but good. Don’t be like the asshats who brought their kids to an R-rated Wolverine movie and had to leave halfway through because their kids got scared…

(Note: this is not a scary movie. It’s just intense.)

Anyway. Now that it’s women’s month (woo. A whole month just for us. Truly, we live in a feminist world.), the Folger Shakespeare Library is exploring the women writers who were Shakespeare’s contemporaries. First up is Lady Mary Wroth, who not only wrote, but she got to see Shakespeare himself perform in his own plays! The woman truly lived the ultimate life.

You should read about her here:

Lady Writer of Wonderment!

Sorry it’s brief, but–again–Logan! See it!



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