Boozy Books: A Man Called Ove

Good evening, readers! Welcome back to Nerd Cactus! In this edition of Boozy Books I’ll be pairing the international bestseller by Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove. Translated from the original Scandivian text in 2013, this novel is a drama-dy that follows the life of a crotchety, older gentleman by the name of Ove.

Flashing between his bleak, depressive present and a vivid past that helps the reader understand his demeanor, the novel gradually builds the character in the reader’s mind. Slowly but surely you find yourself captivated by his story and find your heart aching for his misfortunes. Yet even as the reader learns to care for him, he continues exhibiting the same stubborn old man behavior. With every flashback his crankiness is explained, his actions a direct result of his past. It’s a captivating little story – albeit written in a style that makes excessive use of overdeveloped similes – and is a quick read that serves as a lovely heartwarmer. 

I’m recommending whiskey with this book as a tribute to Ove and his on-again off-again friend slash enemy, Rune. A single good stiff drink seems in keeping with Ove’s general outlook on life. No need for excess and make sure you’ve got something of quality.

Happy reading!



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