Monday Muse: Day Off!!!

Hello, Nerd Cactuslandia! Welcome to something that likely won’t be a Muse of much importance, because it’s my first day off in two weeks and I’ve spent the greater portion of the day being a complete vegetable. I also cleaned the kitchen. Let’s not overlook that accomplishment. Oh, and I planted a basil plant! Because who doesn’t like basil? 

Well, anyway, here’s a thing I’ve been pondering lately… I’ve had to do a fair amount of commuting to and from rehearsals these past two weeks and my schedule on the whole has basically eliminated my reading time. As a result I began listening to audiobooks on my long-ass drives in the mornings and evenings. As a result, I did, in fact, finish two books in the month of February (as per my 2017 reading goals), but one of them was an audiobook… 

Now, audiobooks are a form of “reading” I’ve personally never gotten into, but having the ability to get the information I’d normally get in the pages of a novel while traversing the mindless commute home was a wonderful way to pass the time and feel that I’d accomplished something. I’m still not sold on the medium… mostly because I didn’t like the performance my narrator gave and I feel I would have enjoyed the book more if I’d read it in my own voice. Admittedly, this is only a small setback, but the voice of the reader can potentially make or break your view of a piece. The other issue I had was that I wasn’t sure I was absorbing as much as I normally would if I were reading it. I found myself spooling back quite a bit more than I would have liked, but in the end I finished a book, right?

So that’s what I’ve been debating recently… Whether an audiobook is the same as reading a book. Can I actually say that I read two books in February? Or did reading one and listening to another somehow put them in different categories? The best answer I’ve found is in this article which sites several studies that found reading and listening comprehension to be comparable. So yay! Though, quite frankly, I think I’ll stick to the physical copy when I can.

Happy Monday!



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