Boozy Books: Neil Gaiman Round-Up

Heyo! And welcome to this week’s Boozy Books! I was going to pair Neil Gaiman’s latest, Norse Myth, this week, but I didn’t get it done because I also read the latest Peter Grant book, The Hanging Tree. For those who don’t know the Rivers of London series, I’ve already paired it here: Rivers of London series. But since I decided to read that one first (the pairing continues with this book, definitely), I didn’t get Norse Myth finished on time. Sorry.

But because I adore Neil Gaiman with every fiber of my being, up to and including my politics and tendency toward basic human compassion, I didn’t want to NOT feature one of his books this week, so I decided to do a round-up of the posts we’ve already done. Plus, with all the amazing Neil Gaiman news coming out lately (a premiere date for American Gods, a mini-series–finally–of Good Omens, and a sequel (!!!!) to Neverwhere among them), I felt it only appropriate.

Also, and I reiterate, I adore Neil Gaiman.

First up, perhaps not surprisingly, is my favorite book in the history of books: American Gods. I adore it. And the fact that the world is finally getting a television adaptation is news that made me jump up and down in girlish glee. It premieres in April, so make sure you read the book before it begins! The gods–old and new–demand it.

Next is Good Omens, which Gaiman wrote with the late, great Terry Pratchett, is the best book written about the apocalypse ever. The anti-Christ gets lost, an Angel and a Demon end up training the wrong kid, and there are–briefly–eight Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Briefly. It’s hilarious, poignant, and oh-so-human. Basically, the perfect mix of everything I love about Gaiman and Pratchett. Also, if you read it now, you can join me in fan casting the upcoming mini-series! (Richard Ayoade for Newton Pulsifer! Or Aziraphale! Or, hell, anyone!)

I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend Neverwhere. A good friend once described the Gaiman fandom as being made up of American Gods people and Neverwhere people, and, so far, she seems to have been entirely correct. While I am undoubtedly an American Gods girl, I still adore Neverwhere, especially since hearing James McAvoy as Richard
RichardMayhewDick. Have I mentioned my everlasting love for James McAvoy? No? Lucky you. Anyway, Neil Gaiman has recently announced that he’s writing a sequel, which is something I’ve been hankering for since I first finished the book.

If you’re not feeling like reading a book, perhaps a graphic novel might suit your fancy? A series, actually. And pretty much the thing that put Neil Gaiman on the map. Sandman is a revelation. It’s the reason I got into comics as an art form, and probably why I’m determined to write one of my own someday. Gaiman’s look at myth, folklore, comics, history… it’s just mind-boggling in its creativity and storytelling prowess. And if you need to understand what someone means when they say a thing is ‘Gaimanesque’, just go ahead and pick up the first volume.

One more. Perhaps you’re looking for something to read together with your kids. Older children, of course, since nothing Gaiman writes is going to be a walk through the carefully curated streets of Disney World. Unless you get stuck on It’s a Small World for a couple hours… Then maybe. Coraline the book is a ton creepier and much better than Coraline the movie, and the movie is delightful. So that should say everything you need to know. Read the book.

OK. That’s it from me today. Reminder: the links above are to our original pairings, so each is a complete review of the work in question, plus our usual alcohol recommendation. So go ahead and have fun reading! And drinking!

Tomorrow is Shakespeare! And I know A has something really, really exciting to share with you, so make sure to check in!


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