Monday Muse: Read More for Less!

Hi there, friends! Welcome to the Muse! This week I’m going to be covering the importance of reading and how to go about it on the cheapy cheap. It’s becoming increasingly clear that reading – and the general fortification of our brains – is of the utmost importance right now… What’s really cool, though, is that a lot of people seem to be picking up on this necessity, as witnessed by the huge jump in sales of books such as 1984, March, and The Handmaid’s Tale. So as the demand for good reading material increases I’ve got a few suggestions to get all your reading done for less!

1. Go to the Library

I know. This one’s super obvious, but if you love holding on to, and re-reading your books (as I do) the library may not always be your go-to option. However, if you want to get a ton of reading done for literally no money… Just saying.

2. Buy Used

Thrift stores,, garage sales… As long as you aren’t looking for a specific or brand new title, buying used can get you lots of books for just a few dollars. Also, the potential for discovering forgotten gems and giving new life to an old book is limitless!

3. Shop Around

I’m a big believer in price comparisons. If you’re looking to buy new, consider comparing the prices at Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon, etc. Also, do a coupon search and compare your potential savings! I am also a hardcore Ebates shopper so I typically take that into consideration as another potential coupon. 

PS did you know that Barnes & Noble’s prices are waaay cheaper online compared with the brick and mortar prices? Just be aware.

4. Book of the Month Club

This last one is more pricey than buying used, but it’s an awesome option that keeps you reading the latest titles. The monthly subscription includes one hardcover book of your choice out of a monthly selection of four or five books. The price typically works out to much less than the current list price AND you have the option to add up to two extra books from past selections to your monthly box for $10 each. Given that the books are hardcover and all brand new titles, this works out to a better deal than you’ll find anywhere else. Trust me, I’ve looked.

Happy reading!!!



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