Monday Muse: My Resistance

Well, what can I say? Shit is getting very, very real and very, very bad. And it’s… Really Bad. 

Honestly, I’m not sure where to begin. My head is spinning. Do I start by condemning the actions of a tiny-fisted fool whose mental capacity for anything above 140 characters is questionable? Do I begin by lamenting the damage that is being done to American values and freedoms by blatantly disregarding our Constitution? Should I focus on the very real problems posed by the current administration’s cronyism and strong-arming (that is typically associated with authoritarianism)? Do I rage and scream about the decision to cut valuable programs that collectively cost each American citizen about $22 annually? Do I verbally attack the Republican senators and congressmen who have shown themselves to be spineless, hypocritical weasels by putting their “party” above their country?

Honestly, so much has gone so wrong this past week there’s no good starting point and there doesn’t seem to be an ending point. Nerd Cactus has long had a policy of refraining from political discourse, but what is happening right now is legitimately out of the 1940s and there’s simply no way that we can sit back and be silent. So if you hadn’t figured out where we stand, it’s about to become very clear…

“Voter fraud is a total myth, but there is evidence that people voted for a total fraud.”

Certainly you’ve seen the reports and read the stories. You’ve probably watched, mouth agape, as another asinine and unvetted executive order was signed. Someone has probably tried to convince you that alternative facts are indeed real. You may have an acquaintance or two claiming to be a devout Christian while simultaneously defending the horrid actions of a man who wouldn’t know the meaning of Christian values if they pissed on his chest. 

This week has been revealing on so many levels. It has revealed the true threat that sits in the oval office. It has revealed the complacency of those who struggle to admit their party is deeply in the wrong. It has unearthed – with astounding affect – the insane amount of people who are so trapped by their pride and racism and anger and hatred that they see NOTHING wrong with what is happening. They don’t understand the dangerous and illegal precedent that is now being set to overrule checks and balances by pushing through order after order. They don’t see the danger of cutting/endangering economic ties with our allies and neighbors. They FAIL to see the heartbreaking parallels of today’s refugees to the victims of the Holocaust.

That thing that now holds the most powerful job in the world is supposed to work for US. But again and again he makes his statements and policies about himself and his image and his business. I will not stand for it. No American should. I have donated to the ACLU and to Planned Parenthood. I have signed every goddamn petition demanding to see those tax returns, demanding to have Russian ties investigated, demanding impeachment on the grounds of essentially giving a tiny middle finger to the emoluments clause. I’ve done my research and I’ve tried to do what I can… Which, infuriatingly, doesn’t feel like a lot. And it certainly doesn’t feel like enough…

It has been insinuated to me that because I am a creative individual (actor, singer, dancer, writer) I don’t know what I’m talking about and therefore have no right to express my ideologies… That I am too stupid to understand the nuances of what’s going on in the world. Somehow the education that I invested my time in is useless, because how could I possibly know anything about politics or history or economics if I majored in music? Oh, right, I took classes in all of those subjects at one time or another and I have this crazy habit called reading.

I don’t claim to know everything, but I know enough to understand the difference between right and wrong, the difference between leadership and tyranny. It has also been suggested that I am somehow being cued to participate in dissent by the likes of BuzzFeed and Meryl Streep (who, by the way, I respect the shit out of for speaking her mind, but honestly I had those exact same thoughts long before she publicly expressed them). I am capable of thought and critical thinking in a way that my close-minded acquaintances have never dared dream of. Granted, I have the advantage here, as I wasn’t indoctrinated with hateful prejudices and bizarrely overzealous instances of religious cherry picking leading to narrow-mindedness and limited interaction with the world at large…

Frankly, I refuse to respond to the people who try to make me feel small or stupid, because they are the same ones who refuse to look for other information beyond Fox News. I read articles on both sides of the argument as much as I can. I pay attention to current events outside of the country I live in because I understand that globalization cannot be reversed and we are all connected. I have tried to hold open and honest conversation with those who hold opposing viewpoints. I have tried respectful debate only to be spoken down to in increasingly patronizing tones and eventually called names simply because I take pride in having educated myself with facts. Fine, you want to live in your absurd nationalist dream in which Obama was somehow an overreaching President? OK. I’m done talking to you. 

But hear this: I will continue participating in the Resistance. I will fight tooth and nail against every outrageous, hateful, and unamerican action to come out of this adminstration, and I hope that someday your grandchildren learn that you were on the wrong side of history. 

And to the world at large: I’m sorry. I truly am. This is not a reflection of the America I know and love. 

Stay strong, my friends. Keep fighting.


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