Silly Sunday: Some Things That Made Me Smile

Heyo! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday. After WordPress deleted the entirety of my LAST attempt to write this, I am now going to do it again. Because the system won’t keep me from sharing the smiles!!!

So, this week’s collection of joy comes from A and my boyfriend, who between them have managed to make me laugh despite the… well, you know. The soul-sucking depression/rage spiral in which I’ve dwelt for the past week.

Y’all know it’s only been a little over a week right?


First up, from A. This needs no explanation… or it shouldn’t…

Image may contain: 2 people, beard

Second is this. Which is the best thing ever. EVER. I am going to go find every video like this and watch it. THIS IS EVERYTHING TO ME RIGHT NOW. (A really, really knows me, y’all.)


Third… for your case of AWWWWWW: did you know the nations zoos and aquariums have been having a Cute Battle? This is just what the nation needs, man. (For the record, Team Baby Elephant… or Red Panda… or that Otter… or you know. I’m Team Everyone!)

#CuteAnimalTweetOff is here to save us all (27 Photos)

(I’m going to leave the link like that because it is inevitably when I convert it to HTML that WordPress decides to delete everything. STOP IT, WORDPRESS!)

We’ll be back tomorrow for a Muse!


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