Shakespeare Saturday: PROOF

Guys. GUYS. Ok, listen, I’m about half a bottle of wine into my evening and just getting started, but boy have I got an article for you. This was posted on January 7th. It’s brand new, exciting news regarding our favorite playwright.

Heather Wolfe is the hero Nerd Cactus has been looking for. And, oh, do we deserve her. We have kept the faith. We have believed. Shakespeare was Shakespeare as far as we were concerned, and now, this fabulous QUEEN of scholars has found the “smoking gun” that points to Shakespeare the “glover’s son” being one and the same as the Shakespeare “the player”. Hallelujah!!

Take a look, friends. It’s exciting and nerdy and just the sort of news we’ve been waiting to read amongst the reports of naysayers thinking a “lowborn” nobody could possibly put pen to paper to create works as notable as Hamlet. Psssh! Suck on this, non-believers!

Enjoy your evening, friends!



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