Monday Muse: Let’s Kick 2017 Into High Gear

Hey everybody! C already covered this, but… Happy 2017, dear readers! It is I, A, back at last after a lovely holiday. And I’ve decided it’s time we collectively make 2017 our bitch. I’m using today’s Muse to share with you some of the organizational, self-improvement, and productivity tools I, myself, intend to use this year. Because, if I’m honest, last year was not a great… And looking back at my general uselessness I want to make big changes this year. Again, I’m not really into “resolutions”, but I am into righting my mistakes and making progress as a human being.

So here we go. I’m just gonna spitball some of my plans/ideas and if you spot something that might help you too, go for it! Also, please feel free to comment with your own new-and-improved planning tactics to keep your year on track.

1. I got this super-awesome, neato, pimped out planner for 2017. I’m really, really, really into planners, guys. I had a lovely Moleskins last year, but this new one helps you set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals in ways that don’t necessarily look like the to-do lists that you inevitably end up ignoring (or is that just me?). Anyway, if you check out the Ink and Volt planner online they’ve got lots of helpful PDFs so you can tackle the coming year with supreme organization – which is a thing I love, but am (admittedly) not great at.

Next, I’ve become really interested in the idea of minimalism. I recently watched Minimalism: A Documentary (yeah, I know) on Netflix and the idea has really hooked me. Now, I doubt I’ll ever get to the level of The Minimalists, but I love the idea of ridding myself of all the useless, valueless junk I’ve been holding onto. So the plan I put in motion is the rid myself of at least 3 items per day. I will be basing this purge on the Japanese ideology of Marie Kondo who teaches that objects that do not bring you joy or immediately display their necessity should be thanked and disposed of. Given how cluttered my room, my car,  and my life are this will come in handy.

Speaking of clutter. I also have a lot of brain clutter. How do I know this? Because I’ve begun practicing mindfulness meditations and noticing how disorganized my thoughts are. Check out the Headspace app or YouTube to get started. I know it sounds kind of hippie-dippie, woo-woo, spiritual hoopla, but I have found my focus and motivation strengthened in just a week of daily practice. Just 10 minutes of breathing and being present is all it takes. Oh, and there’s also this.

So yeah, that’s a bunch of the stuff I’m working on incorporating in order to keep myself in check. These are all little things that will add up to (hopefully) being more organized, focused, happy, and free to release my creativity. I hope at least one of these will be of use to you, and don’t forget that we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Now let’s get out there and kick 2017’s ass!



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