Silly Sunday: Some Silly Shakes

Yeah… I know. Today’s not for Shakespeare. Today’s for silly. But… what if the Shakes itself is silly? WHAT IF?

OK… who cares, I guess. This is silly, so it belongs here. It’s also Shakespeare, so it belongs here. Let’s do it.

First up, some satire that I really, really, REALLY wish were real:

Shakespeare in a Plane

Second, since it’s the holiday season, let’s see what some of Shakespeare’s greatest characters asked Santa to bring them:

Dear Santa, please bring my worthless husband the courage to kill Duncan… or make me a man so I can do it myself. Thank you. -Lady Macbeth (Susan)

Well… I think you should enjoy that. I had a good laugh.

Seriously, though. If someone could maybe get in touch with Air Canada about those Shakespeare productions, that’d be great.



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