Monday Muse: Under Pressure

That was to the tune of “Under Pressure”, as sung by the late, great David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. 

No, we aren’t doing musically themed titles on purpose, it just happened that way. Because, the universe.

Oh, by the way, it’s A today. I did Saturday so I just assumed I’d be doing Monday. So here I am. 😃

So anyway, as per today’s title, I’ll be discussing – or maybe venting about – the whole being under pressure thing. I don’t know about you, but my entire life seems to be in a time crunch lately. Christmas is coming up so fast and I’ve gotten, like, zero shopping done. My schedule is a nightmare that has effectively kept me from being productive on personal projects and goals, and 2016 is STILL doing its best to drive me to the madhouse. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Today was my first true day off in weeks and I didn’t really get to enjoy it because I felt pressure to reevaluate the things I’d forgotten or neglected to do when I was busy. And then I felt even more pressure to move forward because there was just so much to do. And then I took a nap because I’ve had a touch of insomnia lately and my couch is very comfortable. And then I woke up and once again rewrote the opening paragraph of chapter two of Killing Mercutio. Talk about under pressure!

You see, we’ve been working on Killing Mercutio for a long time and it’s ready to see the light of day. We want it to be read. I’ve already told C and now I’ll tell you: Shark Query be damned, we have to make a list of agents, send our queries, and hope for the best. C and I have both had experiences chatting with our betas about their groups of friends who are dying to get their hands on Killing Mercutio. And, frankly, we’re dying to deliver.

So let’s just say that thinking about being under pressure has really lit a fire under my ass today. Here’s to the future, and moving forward, despite everything else!


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