Monday Muse: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Hey, everybody! It’s me, A. Bet you thought I had fallen off the face of the planet… Or that I didn’t really exist… Well, I didn’t and I do, and I’m BACK. 

I’ll tell ya, I’m really looking forward to 2017. As far as I’m concerned 2016 has long outstayed its welcome and I’d like it to please gtfo. But since we’ve still got a few more weeks of 2016 and its increasingly strange, unfortunate madness let’s try to make the best of it, shall we?

Now’s the time to look back at the year and figure out if there was anything you wanted to accomplish that you didn’t. Did you have hopes and dreams and goals that got tossed to the wayside by the tumultuous rumblings of 2016? Well, get to work. Remember what the plan for 2016 was and apply yourself to making it a better year (at least, for yourself, personally… the world at large has some things that seriously need to be looked at).

Now, I’m not really one for resolutions, but if there’s something big you’ve been putting off, aim for an early 2017 completion before tackling new goals. For example, C and I have finished Killing Mercutio and successfully put together a query package we can be proud of. We achieved some excellent goals this year. Nerd Cactus is on the rise. BUT. We had also hoped to already be sending off that query to agents for representation… 

Of course, we didn’t purposefully put off sending the query – we’re actually waiting for a critique from a helpful blog I’ve been following: Query Shark – and you probably didn’t willfully ignore the short story you wanted write out the stack of books you wanted to read. Nonetheless, none of us have totally met our goals. So let’s attack December with vim, verve and tenacity and keep that momentum right into 2017.

Forward march!



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