Not-Quite-Monday Muse: Hunh.

Hey! So… it’s very close to Wednesday. And we still haven’t posted a Monday Muse. Which, I mean, I know is completely undermining your ability to trust us as a viable pair of writers. Are we professional? ARE WE JUST LOSERS?! HOW CAN YOU TRUST US AND BUY OUR (not-yet-published, which probably doesn’t help matters) STUFF IF WE CAN’T EVEN GET BLOGS OUT ON TIME?!

To be fair, we both have excuses. A just started a new show, for one, and perhaps more importantly, Monday was her day for finishing up those edits on Juliet, aka the chapter from Hell that every one of our Betas commented on and always seems to come out a little bit worse when we try to fix it. Finally, however, we seem to have found the right mix of keeping what we loved about the original chapter and fixing what people thought didn’t work. You know, without fucking up a character it takes a little longer to appreciate than some of the others. (Juliet isn’t the easiest character to love, especially compared to Mercutio, Benvolio, and even Romeo, but her badassery is pretty amazing once you see it.) We love her, it’s her introduction, and it’s also, perhaps most importantly, chapter two, which means it’s an important part of our query.

So… that’s why A’s been busy.

As for why I missed the fact that her busy-ness obviously meant I probably had to step in and do the Muse (we… we probably need an assistant, guys. Someone to remind us when to do this shit and not get caught up in our creative places), well… look at the date. It’s still, for one more day at least, NaNoWriMo. I’m a completest, so I like to write a little bit every single day and finish on the 30th (one would be correct in assuming I have obsessive tendencies, yes), which means my head wasn’t in the write place to Muse. Unless you wanted to hear all about how Hedy wants to be President one day, but would settle for a position in the Cabinet if necessary (Sec. of Energy, of course). She also wants to travel the world (you might be thinking, why not Sec. of State, then you do not know Hedy), win a Nobel Prize for Metageophysics, live in a castle… you know, be a fucking hero. For the record, she is nine.

My nine-year-old character might actually be my hero. She is amazing.

So, yes, that’s why we didn’t have a Muse on Monday. For that, I sincerely apologize. November’s a hard month for me and showtime is a hard time for A. But, after tomorrow, I swear… I will be (mostly) on-the-ball. It’s also December, and I have to do research into the food of Al-Andalus so I can make a Moorish Christmas dinner because I WANT TO and, frankly, ham’s boring. And then there’s all the damn present buying (which I treat as seriously as Leslie Knope except I don’t have her ridiculous level of spending power — seriously, how does a government employee have that much spending power?!), wrapping, decorating, wishing people a Happy Holidays and seeing who forgot to take their blood pressure medication, etc.

But I’ll try to be better about being here. Because I consider starting a blog as creating a compact with our readers, and I don’t want to let anyone, especially myself, down.



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