Monday Muse: The Fields of Creativity

Hyo! Is that a word? Should I stick with my usual ‘heyo’ from now on? I guess I should.

Heyo! How is everyone? Doing well? I hope so.

So, it’s been a fun time for Nerd Cactus. I am in the midst of NaNo, reaching that final stretch. Six days of 2k each and I am donezo. Will I have written anywhere near the entirety of the draft? No fricken way. I’ll have barely finished the first third, which puts me on track to write a 175k word draft…

If there’s a downside to writing using word sprints, it’s the fact that a good 3/8ths of what I’ve written is utterly useless to the overall novel. It’s good, it’s in character, it involves Hedy spoiling Return of the Jedi for Joel… but it really doesn’t belong in the novel. (OK, I might keep the Star Wars talk. It’s fun. And I love it.) But it’s amazing being in that place where you just let your consciousness float atop the fields of creativity and churn out content. I’m such a slow writer naturally, picking out a couple hundred words a day because I’m… obsessive. So writing in sprints has been amazing for me. But, yeah… it does lead to a lot of bloat.

Totally worth it, though.

I hope NaNo is going well for all of you who’re doing it and continues to go well! It’s a great thing for productivity and for community, and I love it very much.

Before I go: one more thing! An update on ACTUAL Nerd Cactus business. A has written our query and submitted it to be torn apart and rewritten by professionals before we actually begin shopping the novel around. She is just about done with the final edits on one last chapter. So… by the end of this year, Killing Mercutio will be out in the world. Send it love. Send it good juju. Send me the names of great agents who might be interested in a Shakespearean thriller. Or, you know… good juju.

As for our curret project… we’re getting ready to do some workshops on Bill and Ben’s Excellent Adventure. One of the benefits to A being an actress is, for the low, low price of giving them food, we have access to all sorts of actors. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the thing on a stage soon. And next up, while we learn how to structure a TV show, we’re delving into a fantasy project called Talentless, following a boy who’s about to turn sixteen and find out if he has the magic that’ll allow him to join society or if he’ll be forced to spend his life outside of it, among those whom society has deemed unfit. It’s a great project that we developed a couple years ago but kept putting it off because it’s so different from Mercutio. But we both loved it too much to hold off any longer, not the least because it has amazing characters and… is remarkably pertinent right now. We love it, and we’ll keep you posted on the awesomeness.

First up: Black. “Played” by Oberyn Martell himself. No head squishing involved, I swear. He’s a bitter, sarcastic fuck. Sorry for the cursing, but there’s no other way to put it.

So… Nerd Cactus are in a very creative place! I hope you’re there with us. We can have a party!



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