Shakespeare Saturday: The Bard On Refugees

Heyo! Welcome to Shakespeare Saturday. No, I know it’s not Saturday anymore, but I… was an idiot and there was blood involved and then, when I got it all cleaned up, I got inspired to write for NaNo and then, lo and behold, it was now. And I realized I hadn’t posted anything.

The Muses… who knew all they demanded was blood sacrifice?

Anyway. I want to remind you, fair readers, that there is exactly one piece of writing we still have in Shakespeare’s hand. Yeah, that’s it. One piece in the hand of the Bard himself. And, you know what it’s about?

Refugees. More to the point, not being a dick about them.

Sorry about the naked link… but I figure, it’s the content that matters. Read it. Be inspired in our modern world by the immortal words of the Bard.

Shakespeare, Sir Thomas More, and the refugee migrants



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