Monday Muse: Thoughts From Last Week

Hello, Nerd Cactus followers! Welcome to this week’s edition of the Monday Muse. I’ve honestly been dreading writing today’s post because there’s a lot on my mind and I fear that this isn’t the most appropriate platform to vent my frustrations about the past week. While this post will certainly be a reflection of my tumultuous emotions there will be no pointing fingers and no attempt to place blame. What I want to talk about is this (and let me stress that I am directing this to every person reading this, regardless of political views): what should we do now that we’ve seen the great, ugly divide in our country?

I haven’t been particularly hopeful this week and I refuse to jump onboard the “we have to come together” bandwagon because the damage has been done. I’m not saying it’s irreparable, but it certainly won’t be fixed with a shrug and a Facebook status that essentially reads: “let’s let bygones by bygones”. No, I will not let others try to normalize the hate and violence. I will not let go of my anger, because this is the kind of anger that can fuel action.

Now is the time to act. We have to create the change we want to see and we certainly can’t rely on party lines or politicians to help achieve a better world for us. The system is falling apart, the world is laughing at us, and already there are those who have resigned themselves to complacency with a shrug and a “well, what’s done is done”. 

We all have to start being more active. We have to educate ourselves and leave behind the vast echo-chamber that is our collective newsfeed and seek truthful and informative journalism about not just our country, but the world. We have to stand for the things that are important to us whether that means donating time or money or skills. I’ve seen far too much timidity. I’ll be honest, I too could do a better job trying to talk to and understand the other side’s viewpoints, but people have become so encased in their little bubbles of like-minded “news” sources that nobody wants to debate misinformation or concede that other opinions even exist. We have to communicate with one another and TRY to make sense of how and why we’ve landed on such different ideas. We have to be better.

So yes, I’m angry. But I’m not going to use that rage to attack. I’m going to use it to try and make a difference.



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