Shakespeare Saturday: Let Will Help You NaNo!

Heyo, everyone! How are y’all doing this fine, Saturday evening? (I’m assuming most of our readers are in the USA. If not, OMG! REALLY?! YAY! HELLO!) I’m doing quite well, myself. I’ve hit 10k in NaNo, though I actually have no idea what I’ve actually written. I’ve decided this is the only way to win NaNo, really; don’t pay attention at all to what you’re writing. Just sprint away, letting the fingers fly and the brain words flow. Then, at the end of the month, when it’s all done, just laugh and laugh and laugh at the awful that somehow managed to flow. And then get to work editing, which is when novels really get created.

But, hey, maybe that doesn’t work for you. Maybe you’re not feeling that. Not everyone writes the same way, after all. So… why don’t you take some ideas from the Swanny Bard of Avon, Mr. William Shakespeare? (That joke’ll make sense when Bill and Ben is big and has famous people acting in it, I swear.) After all, he’s been dead for four hundred years and we still think he’s the best.

(He *is* the best.)

Let Shakespeare Help You NaNo!

Or, if you want to take a break, go see Doctor Strange. It is a very entertaining film, and getting to see Benedict Cumberbatch be snarky as hell is always great. Why hasn’t he been offered more comedies? He’d be GREAT at comedy.

See you Monday!


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