Boozy Books: Beast

Hey there, Nerd Cactus-landia! Happy Friday! Yes, I actually remembered that it’s Friday… Going to a Friday night concert was definitely a helpful reminder. I saw ZZ Top and let me tell you they are some cool, old dudes.

So anyway, we’ve discussed how difficult Boozy Books has become as we’ve run through every article book we’ve ever read… And as an adult I don’t get through as many new books as I’d like to so I’m forced to rummage through my bookshelves for obscure titles that I vaguely remember enjoying. Today’s pick is Donna Jo Napoli’s Beast.
I have chosen this title for several reasons. A) because it’s an interesting, effective, and creative retelling of Beauty & the Beast (and you know, we at Nerd Cactus, love some creative retelling goodness). And B) because now that official pictures from the new live action Beauty & the Beast have been released its time to get excited (again!) for a tale as old as time that’s been given a phenomonal cast and looks GORGEOUS.

Anyhoo… Beast is told from the Beast’s perspective so that’s the first major change to the story. The other change is that he is a Persian prince so nobody, at any point, says “bonjour”. So he makes a mistake that unleashes a curse that turns him into a lion and welllll…. You probably know where the story is going, but it’s told very differently. From what I remember it was beautifully constructed and a very interesting departure from the original tale.

I would pair this with something sweet and dry, straightforward and familiar. Try a Riesling. Yeah, definitely, Riesling. As a matter of fact, you can totes drink a Riesling while watching the animated Beauty & the Beast. No judgment here!



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