Silly Sunday: Happy Halloween!

Heyo! Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday! Since it’s not my turn to write tomorrow, I thought I’d take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Whether it’s just an opportunity to dress up, eat lots of candy, & get drunk, or, in actuality, an ancient holiday of the dead/New Year celebration… I want to wish you a good one.

Personally, I’m going to take my own advice and go as Hamlet, complete with skull cup and bad puns. It’s not like I don’t own tons of all black clothing. (No, I’m not goth; I just like dark colors.) And I’m going to make horribly puntastic references ALL NIGHT. Because I’m awesome!

Anyway. Another thing that’s going on right now that will be over soon (thank all the gods) is the American Presidential Election. And, because I think we definitely need to liven up the situation a bit, how about an election where all the people running are Shakespeare characters?!

That’d either be much better… or much, much worse. Depending upon the people running, because there are several Shakespearean characters that would make even the most corrupt of our candidates weep.

Who Will YOU Vote For?

ps- One more thing. One of my stories got featured an another blog! If you’d like to read it, it’s about Loki. The god, not Tom Hiddleston. (Sorry.)

Tale of the Silver Tongue



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