Shakespeare Saturday: A Shakespeare Spooktacular

Welcome to today’s Shakespeare Saturday! I come to you with just enough time to cobble together a truly Bardtastic Halloween costume if you’ve waited until the last second… like I inevitably do. Because who doesn’t want to dress up as one of literature’s immortal wonders?

Weirdos, that’s who.

So… what can you do?

–Dress in all black and carry a skull. Have periodic conversations with Yorick. Or, even better, make sure your skull’s a cup and spend the evening coming up with increasingly dubious puns involving one of Hamlet’s great speeches.

–Some donkey ears (Eeyore is still popular, isn’t he?) and face paint makes for a great Bottom! You can go period if you want, or just wear sweats and pretend to be a more modern approach to the play (or even some dressy clothes) depending on how much effort you want to put in. Bonus points if you find a group of fairies and convince their leader to pretend she’s fallen in love with you.

–Go as one of Shakespeare’s many ghosts. Hell, spend all evening playing DIFFERENT ghosts and confuse the hell out of everyone involved. My favorite would be the old-fashioned sheet version that goes around screaming at people to mark them.

–Make a head out of a ball and part of a sheet, or whatever you have on hand. Go around telling people to ‘behold the usurper’s cursed head’. Bonus if you do it in a PERFECT SCOTTISH ACCENT!


— Get a pair of cheap fairy wings from wherever, combine it with whatever you see fit (I think moss and natural things from a craft store would be best) and go as one of the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you run into someone with a donkey’s head, pretend to be in love with him. OR, conversely, spend the evening fighting over a doll you’ve dyed blue.

–Are you a fan of blood? Wanna carry around a bloody knife and scare people? Then Titus Andronicus is the play for you! Get a chef’s hat and apron, cover yourself in fake blood, and carry around a pot with severed limbs (even a head if you’d like). Bonus points if you have a naturally quiet daughter; you can have her play Lavinia, and do all her trick-or-treating for her. After all, who’s going to say no to the guy with the bloody knife?

–Passionately in love? Very young? Then Romeo and Juliet are for you. Spend the night complaining about your parents (like every teenager ever) and promising to die for one another. Mature adults? Beatrice and Benedick are my favorite of Shakespeare’s couples. You can spend the entire evening bickering and then admit your love in a grand show by the end of the evening. Bonus points if you write AWFUL love poetry to one another ahead of time and hide it from one another. Older couple? Antony and Cleopatra! I’m of a gruesome temperament when it comes to Halloween, so I’d go for Antony wandering around with a sword in his chest and Cleopatra with an asp at her breast. Antony’d be more fun, in my opinion; he gets to spend the evening getting visibly plastered.

OK. I think that’s enough recommendations! Let me know if you’re going to go dressed as a Shakespearean character for Halloween this year! We’ll be back tomorrow for teh silliez!



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