A Mid-Week News Update!

Welcome to a special edition of Nerd Cactus! We’ll be back tomorrow (Friday) with Boozy Books as usual, so don’t be worried that we’re suddenly doing everything all backwards and weird. This is just a bit of special.

As you know, there are two of us: A and C. A is the cool, exciting one who has mastered the art of keeping her posts succinct and to-the-point. C is the weirdo who somehow ended up being in charge of the social media portion of this venture, much to the undoubted chagrin of the internet.

Well… perhaps a few of you are OK with C? Right? Yeah? Of course you are. Weirdos of the internet unite! Anyway, I (C) got interviewed by the ladies of Friday Phrases, whom many of you from the Land of Twitter will know run the #FP hashtag game and many other amazing flash fiction fun. And I thought that some of you might want to know something about me!

(Warning: I’m just as rambling in interviews as I am in blog posts. But I am also, I trust, worth reading.)

The interview can be found here. Please enjoy it!



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